Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Kennedy Kioli

Ken Khero Designs

Ken Khero Designs

Kennedy Kioli

Kennedy Kioli

Name: Kennedy Kioli
Occupation: Creative designer / Digital art
Location / Base: GoDown Arts Center
Social Media or Website Links:
facebook/ instagram/ Behance: Kenkhero

Creative Enterprise Bio
I have been a creative designer for the past 5 years. I stated of as a web designer, majoring in both design and development. Over the years my skills have grown and so has my passion for the business.

However, there has always been one thing that stood out for me and that is comic books and thus digital art. Comics growing up influenced my life in tremendous ways. Whatever skill I have today have come from trying to mimic someone else’s concept art. I believe that digital art is something that has always driven my passion, even when it comes to web design. And that’s why I’m going on this adventure, and lunch my own comic and hopefully build a franchise of the concept. I look forward to the learning and thrill that comes with making mistakes, and most importantly, I look forward to starting a new creative journey.

Creative Journey / Creative Life-cycle
Finding voice
I was born on March 24th 1990, and I have grown up in EastLeigh area, in Nairobi. The day that changed me as a creative growing up was when I got home from school and saw cartoon network on TV for the first time. I hardly even blinked. I didn’t believe that there was actually a 24hr cartoon station. And that someone in the world got to watch them. I grew up drawing and mimicking famous cartoons ever since, and I never looked back.

I grew up mimicking newspaper drawing and eventually moved on to comics that were free in the newspaper. Over the years I had expose myself to different creative fields that were more realistic at the time. From dance, to acting etc. and they, one way or the other, influenced my skills to grow, cause I would always have an opportunity to make a concept for the groups, from either backdrops to dancing t-shirts, you name it.

Eventually I failed in school. Due to concentrating too much in drawing. I actually used to use my lunch money to buy drawing paper, instead of food. Was banned from drawing by my mum since then. It wasn’t until I started again when I went to high school and drew love letters for people at a fee. And my popularity as the love letter guy build up.

After high school I stayed home for almost 2 years. I was single parented and high school was the best my mum could do at the time. Then come along Nairobits ( ) and I was offered free training in web designing. They took me in, and as they say the rest was history.

During my school days I won 3 awards
• Best overall student
• Samsung real dreams competition( number 1 in Kenya – won a laptop)
• Best cooperate website project

I have also worked for 2 companies before being taken in as a trainer back at Nairobits. During this period I have grown to different new departments and levels and traveled abroad as a master design trainer to help set up a new center.

Next level
I’m now going in a new direction, and that is digital art. I’m willing to take time to first understand myself before jumping in. and more immortally, I’m passionate about it. Wish me well. See you on the other side , as they say.

1. Creative Enterprise Class – Design

CEP Design

CEP Design

2. Screenshots of some websites
i) Events Management Site

Events Management Site

Events Management Site

ii) Hollows Eve Festival

Hollows Eve Festival

Hollows Eve Festival

iii) DJ Mo Profile

DJ Mo Profile

DJ Mo Profile

To influence creativity and inspire great imagination through my comic book and digital art

Create new and innovative comic book and digital artwork that will spark creativity, thought and the feeling of an adventure each time my audience read and glimpse at my work: While creating a new creative platform for future generations to come.

Will focus on personal growth and implementation of my comic and digital arts project
2016 Jan – June
Will have mainly three stages
• Official set up my business and official registration of my project
• Research and data collection (location, capital etc.)
• Skill development

June-August: prototype and proto type launch and market review of product.
• Online and social media set up (website and social media)
• Launch first product into the market

September- December
• Review
• Roll out different stages of my project.


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