Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Samuel Lutaaya Tebandeke

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Name: Samuel Lutaaya Tebandeke
Occupation: Technical Director
Location/ Base of Operations: Kampala, Uganda
Website link:
Social Media Links
Instagram: page6management

Bio (Individual/ Enterprise)
Samuel has been a practising artist since 2003 and has gained experience in various art forms namely; dance, theatre, film to mention a few. His primary passion is dance and his interactions with various dance artists and educators have given him the ability to collaborate on various projects and also learn a great deal about dance as an emerging art. He is a founding member and Artistic Director of Guerrilla Dance Company, presenting dance creations in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

He is not only restricted to the field of dance, but is also a practising screenwriter and script editor. His work in theatre has taken the form of amateur and professional productions as an actor and he continues to seek out new possibilities in the fields of theatre and film. The Marriage Chronicles is Samuel’s first play written for the stage. He hopes to develop this work further into a full stage production that can tour the East African region and internationally.

He is the Artistic Director of Guerrilla Arts, an arts management organisation that deals in production, documentation, training, and administration of artistic and creative projects. He has worked with various organisations and projects as an accountant, manager, project coordinator, and production assistant. His strength is in the area of administration of creative projects having worked with Danceweek Uganda and Dance Transmissions festivals. His work has taken him to various countries namely; Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania, France and Senegal where he has performed, taught workshops and moderated conferences. Samuel is capable of fitting into any work environment and his dedication to the arts and their development in the country enables him to inject himself into any role that he is given.

Recently, he co-founded PageSix Management, an online directory for practitioners (creators, producers and service providers) in the creative industries in East Africa. The sole purpose is to create a platform for increased interaction across borders geographical, cultural and technological.

The future continues to show a lot of promise for an individual whose sole desire is to make art accessible to as many Africans as possible. An artist at heart, his ultimate plan is to set up a Centre of Excellence for the performing arts that will empower Ugandans to explore their cultural identity and open up possibilities for creating innovative cultural practices.

Creative Entrepreneurship journey/ Lifecycle
Finding voice
I have loved dance for the longest time but had forgotten my desire until December 2002. A friend asked me to be part of their dance during an end of year youth camp. It was not the most interesting experience I have had in my life but sparked a desire within.

I also had very supportive parents that allowed me to engage in dance and also endeavoured to send me recordings of dance performances from television shows abroad. This further sparked my interest in dance. This would however take many years after my secondary school before it became a reality.

Formative years
I was part of a church dance group as a founding member in 2003 and we performed mostly creative dance type pieces and routines in different churches, secondary schools, university bazaars and corporate launches. My hunger to learn more led me to leave the group only two years after I joined to learn more about my new fascination, dance.

I was put in touch with Madame Maria Gracia, a French-Italian classical ballet teacher who would have a profound influence on my life as a dancer. She insisted that I seek out formal training and aim for the highest standard. I left her school a mere two years later to take up a temporary teaching position at the Kampala Ballet and Modern Dance School (KBMDS)

In 2010, I had the unique opportunity to attend a 3-month professional dance-training course at the famous Ecole des Sables in Senegal. This increased my curiosity and enabled me meet many other people who influenced my dance practice.

During this period of my life, I also attended workshops from visiting artists and performed as a member of different professional dance companies in Uganda.

As a result of my growing experience and network of dance practitioners I got invitations to perform my own choreography at different festivals in East Africa. I also had the opportunity to teach dance workshops in East Africa as well as mentoring young dancers who looked up to me now because of my level of experience.

By 2013, I could easily say I was considered one of the best male contemporary dancers and choreographers in Uganda. I had created and exhibited dance works that were well received by my peers and audiences at different platforms around East Africa.

Turning point
After a long period in the sector and the large network of dance practitioners and other arts professionals I had, I realised that I was not satisfied with where I was in the dance field. I made a conscious decision to leave active performance. Whereas being on stage was interesting to me, I felt that it was not the end for me. I also felt that my accounting knowledge and work experience in the corporate sector could be leveraged to enable me contribute to the development of sustainable supportive frameworks for the East African creative sector.

I have since sought out different opportunities for me to engage in the management of creative practitioners, institutions and projects. I have taken this a step further by attending in different training opportunities as they come along to bolster my skills in the area of arts administration and cultural management. Funds allowing, I will be going to Goldsmiths College, University of London to attain an MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy for the 2016/17 academic year.

Portfolio: PageSix Management

Dance Performance

Dance Performance

Dance Choreography

Dance Choreography

A fully functioning East African creative economy

To develop supportive structures that will create an enabling environment for the creative industries to thrive

18 Month Plan
o Find and furnish office space
o Register for Tax Identification Number with Uganda Revenue Authority
o Open up bank account
o Develop Business Plan
o Recruit more employees (3-5)
 Content manager/ Social media executive
 Researcher (2)
 Manager/ Administrator
 Accountant
 Marketing executive
o Recruitment campaign in major Ugandan towns
o Develop and maintain networks with organisations and practitioners in the East African region
o Launch recruitment campaigns in Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda
o Publicity campaign
o Improve website to handle large numbers, categories and search capabilities
o Fundraising to get institutional/ core support

• Business Model
o PageSix Management is an interactive category specific subscription based online directory for the East African creative sector practitioners.
o It is a one-stop information hub/ platform that provides visibility for the different sector players thereby giving an opportunity for the market to make better decisions on the creative products they choose to consume.


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