Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Victor Ochieng Odhiambo

Profile 2

Victor Ochieng

Victor Ochieng

Name: Victor Ochieng
Occupation: Web Developer | Twin Destinis & Founder of LOOKS.CO.KE
Location: Nairobi | Kenya
Social Media Footprints

Biography | Creative Journey / Life cycle
Victor Ochieng is a passionate creative that is a Junkie for all things Art and Tech. From an early age he was always fascinated by Art. Victor is a Kenyan Web Developer from South Nyanza Migori and is currently based in Nairobi

My creative journey began in primary school where me and some friends would compete to see who would come up with the best sketches of people animals and landscapes. This soon developed to a pure interest in developing artworks in highschool, from sketches, paintings, sculpting and even fashion design. My Art made a transition to the digital format when i started scanning my drawings and paintings for digitial editing in Photoshop. This led to the discovery and interest in web-development and online publishing.

These transitions would lay the foundation for my future in web-development which is largely a creative and technical field.

My introduction to web-development was an inspiring and exciting stage in my life. I would learn this skill from friends and online resources. The greater parts of my skills were self-taught.

My undergraduate experience at Strathmore University further solidified my technical expertise as a Techie. From this stage I learned a lot about technologies such as servers and programming languages. I was fortunate to have friends who were highly skilled and helped fill in the knowledge gaps that I had.

While in school, I managed to get a good number of paid Gigs from clients both; individuals and businesses. After serving clients for some years now, I have decided to forge my own path and develop my own online business that will itself make money continuously rather than be fully dependent on client jobs, which is not always very inspiring. This provides me with a fun challenge that has great financial potential for the future as well.

My focus now is on developing LOOKS.CO.KE, a marketing and networking online platform for Kenya’s Fashion Industry.

Screenshots of some of the site’s I have developed;


3. Limuru International School

Limuru International School

Limuru International School

4. Miss Tourism Kenya

Miss Tourism Kenya

Miss Tourism Kenya

For Looks to be the most useful digital platform for the worlds Fashion Industry Players

To develop a web platform that will be the go to solution for Kenya’s Fashion industry players.

18 Months Plan
– Gather Contact, Network and Forge good relations with the most relevant players in Kenya’s Fashion Industry.
– Create as many partnerships with fashion industry stake holders ie Fashion schools for a mutually beneficial relationship, ie Marketing from looks for Account signups and Access to Facilities.
– Secure a Photo Studio for subsidized photoshoots for fashion designers and stylists.
– Develop a Training Programme for account holders, teaching them how to create the highest quality content for purposes of online publishing.
– Get as many account registrations as possible on (Fashion Designers, Stylists, Photographers, Models and Hair and Beauty Stylists.)
– Develop the LOOKS brand as a Fashion Industry Marketing force in Kenya.
– Develop a team for purposes of Marketing, sales and a web developer for
– Secure Funding
– Develop proper product package offerings by to our target client base


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