Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Dennis Mugambi



Name: Dennis Mugambi
Occupation: Graphic/ Motion Designer
Location / Base: Nairobi, Kenya
Social Media Links: [IG:FB:TW @madebydene]
Creative Cycle: “heading into recognition”

Creative Enterprise Bio
★★ i deSign StuFF ★★
Dennis Mugambi (aka DENE) is a Kenyan guy based in Nairobi, Kenya. Who wishes to live his dream, working as a full time Freelance Graphic Designer!

So far, I have six years of experience in the Advertising & Design Industry most of which have been spent at – a design and printing organization. (I’ve learnt so much – dealing with local businesses, NGO’s as well as individuals.)

5. My Creative Journey / Creative Lifecycle

“Currently I’m @ the Formative Stage”

(This is how I can freely explain it)
Let me tell you about two minds. –> (Mind A & B)

Mind A -<
Is an average student- student who lives in a neat neighbourhood, chills in the park and loves his laptop and to ride on his BMX bike. His Favourite TV show is Penn and Teller Fool Us – a Magic Show. He is a 2000 hip-hop geek. Who only does what he loves whether it’s profitable or not.

Mind B -<
Goes to a simple school. Where… teachers who would rather not be there teach kids who really don't care.
Lives with his mom in a polite apartment, less than a half a km – away from one of the fine beaches in Mombasa. (Dad works in “big city” comes once a month)
Close your eyes. Picture each of these minds, then, tell me what you think.

Open your eyes…
I'm I a student A or Student B? I'm I a geek or a menace?

You See…
Most, of my life, I’m crowded by who I am … and how I persevere. Between skills and bills.
I just don't fit in. I used to think, that was a curse ….but…
Now I’m slowly starting to see… That… Maybe it’s a blessing.
You see…. when…

You don't fit in…. your meant to see the world from many angles and points of view. You gain knowledge like from different people and places. And those lessons better or worse… they shape me… They, made me.
So, I’m I an entrepreneur??
Well, allow me to re-introduce myself,
My name is Dennis Mugambi, I’m just about to get into “recognition stage.”
I’m that ninja, who leads and deliver projects with energy and accountability. It actually took me a while but I am flexible and responsive, adapting my approach to meet the needs of each individual assignments.

That guy who stays close with his clients, partnering with them, to create and deliver as one team".
I am passionate about design and my goal is to use graphics to turn people’s dreams into reality through creativity.

Old enough to do it right, and young enough to do more often, but, most importantly, I look forward to starting my new… creative journey.

To provide relevant and efficient consultancy advise for online marketing.

To create a passionate group of creative thinkers & technical wizards, who will push the boundaries of online marketing & web development.


12-18 months plan
– Ensure I fully register my Company. Legally.
– Be more aggressive @ work & out of work. Whether its my own work or client work.
– Learning and Exploring.
– Ready to leave from formative to recognition in my creative cycle.
– Create a team of 6 creatives.
– Stabilization and heading to mastery.
– Be more CREATIVE.


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