Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Dennis Owade

Dennis Owade

Dennis Owade

Name: Dennis Owade
Occupation: Musician
Location: Nairobi
Social media footprint
Facebook: Link
Twitter: @dennisowade

Bio/Creative Life Cycle
I grew up in a musical family where grandparents being some of the village hero musicians. Loved old zilizopendwa and African touch of music which I used to listen together with my mother. I grew up singing alongside my sister and brother in choir. As a young kid who couldn’t speak, went on stage with them and danced sung in my baby language of “ababababa” as they continue to sing.

In form two, I recorded my first single (Gal). After high school I formed vocal local band with my brother and friends, I later joined herdsmen band as a lead vocalist which I did for a year. During this time, I recorded two singles. Later decided to start my own band Demas which basically stands for Dennis and Mass Band with which I have had some recognition and success later being African Media Association delegates sound in Motion Secretary. I have performed in major events including: – Sawa Sawa Festival, Riftvaley Festival, Sondeka Festival, Ikosora Festival among others and a tour in Sweden and Portugal. I also did lots of sound trucks on movies, documentary (Making of Merome) with Ida who lives in Netherlands.


On Stage

On Stage

demas 2

Rift Valley Festival

Rift Valley Festival

Do music that entertains and cuts across all ages.

To create an afro acoustic band with both local and international outlook and capacity with music appealing to audience across the world.

18 Month Plan
Launch an album and create team work that would walk the talk
Collaboration with other musicians
Value for money


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