Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Tevin Anyim aka DJ DEXXSTAR

DJ Dexxstar



Occupation: disc jockey
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Social links:

Tevin Anyim also known as DJ DEXXSTAR is a Kenyan born establishing world class entertainer with a 2 year experience in the deejaying industry.

Kenyan music, hip-hop and RnB music are his best, but also flexible with other music genres.
If not behind the wheels of steel, DJ DEXXSTAR spends time working on creative ideas of his own in different art forms, trying out different cooking recipes, swimming, educating himself in various topics on the internet and doing community work to name a few.

Most interesting thing about him, is that he is a lover of life and happiness and most important of all GODFEARING.

Creative life cycle
Coming from a family with an active involvement in music, music was part of his DNA structure and this music seed was nurtured through playing key roles in music and drama at a young tender age throughout his primary level education

But he wasn’t destined to become a great musician but a great disc jockey, an idea that ticked inside him during his high school days.

His inspiration then was the CODE RED ENTERTAINMENT outfit and to be specific one DJ KAYTRIXX who held a gig in his high school.

From then onwards he become so attracted with deejaying and later fell in love with it, setting his ultimate goal to one day be able to join the code red outfit as one state of the art Kenyan dj.
Carrying on with his dream together with his best friend in high school, one KELVIN INGAIZA aka DJ CRYPTIC formed a group known as bashment party djs and together the dream began gaining momentum.

With barely any information on deejaying, we got to entertain our audience then who were our fellow classmates by mix banging beats on desks and drums while also having aspiring musicians/rappers singing along with lyrics from popular jams.

His passion in computer technology led him to discover deejaying mixing software and one in particular being the virtual dj.

Immediately on clearing high school he began researching on academies that offered learning on deejaying.
Some of the deejaying academies were expensive and some not of being up to standard in the teaching of the art, but in his searching came to meet one DJ VIC head of SCRATCH DJ ACADEMY, one of the best deejaying academies in the country through one female dj that is DJ SHOCK in the BUSINESS DJ meetings who took me in and began nurturing me through the art.

All went well but in the middle, he had difficulties in coming up with the fees as there was not that much support and in the process dropped out.

Feeling lost and in the cold, he turned to the internet for learning purposes to pursue his dream.
After a while he met up with his friend, a brother Malcolm Macharia aka DJ FUTURE (a gospel dj) who assisted him to fill in the blank basics in deejaying to push him forward.

Since then dj dexxstar has been walking the journey in the industry with dj future and getting to perform in various events.

exhibit 1

exhibit 4

To build a brand that will bring inspiration and innovation in the entertainment industry by offering the audience and clientele of different age brackets and music tastes, state of the art entertainment services ;creating beautiful, outstanding memorable moments with proper planning and research in cooperation with our clients and other brands.

Provide state of the art entertainment services on a professional level creating a thrilling and profitable atmosphere for our audience and clientele.

 Discipline
 Artistry
 Satisfaction

18 month plan
His 18 month plan will be to
 Network with other established brands in his domain in order to learn form them
 Have mentorship
 Register his brand.


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