Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Jacqueline Mugo aka DJ SHOCK

Lady DJ Shock

Lady DJ Shock

Jacqueline Geoffrey

Jacqueline Geoffrey

Name: Jacqueline Mugo, stage name: DJ SHOCK
Occupation: Founder, Association of Disc Jockeys East Africa (ADJ – EA)
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
I love to mentor youth. I have mentored teens, gospel artistes, women, and now I am in a season where I am mentoring DJs, helping them to navigate in the new world known as the DJ industry.
Facebook: Jacqueline Geoffrey Fleur
Facebook page: DJ Shock the Pilgrim
Twitter: @djshockafrica

Facebook Group: Business DJ – TV Show
Facebook Page: Business DJ – Association of Disc Jockeys East Africa (ADJ – EA)
Twitter: @businessdj
IG: @adj ea

I have always been a musical person. My father bought all types of musical instruments during his travels, clarinets, trumpets, flutes, guitars. Toy pianos for my sister and myself. I enjoyed singing, dancing, rapping, being in a choir, from school to church. I excelled at music because I trained in piano between classes, I also read music. I later also took up learning guitar, drums, music production. My Dad also built a large collection of vinyl, our family listened to all of them frequently, it was such an amazing journey, travelling together from LP to LP and getting to know more about the various artistes and styles. From classical, to Dixieland, jazz, country, Bollywood, Kenyan music, ABBA, the Beegees… a great variety, with great memories!

My interest in DJing was sparked at the age of 16, when I invited my favourite DJ Pinye to come and DJ for our annual high school disco at Nairobi Academy. All else faded into the darkness of that room as I focused on the turntables, the vinyl and his gift in action. I immediately asked him as he was working if he would teach me how to DJ. Perhaps he had been asked that question frequently, as he declined, but I didn’t mind. I didn’t know how at the time, but that was the night that I decided that I must learn how to become a DJ.

Creative Life Cycle
10 years ago, my DJ journey began when an influential DJ called DJ Baraka (now called Baraka Nyaki) took me by the hand at a hiphop workshop at All Saints Cathedral, and introduced me to the CDN DJ players, a set of players that had saucer-size jogwheels and buttons for effects. He later started a DJ school and granted me a scholarship to attend the school and graduate.

A year later, I was granted a scholarship to join the Homeboyz DJ Academy by a gentleman called DJ George, who had won it in a gospel DJ competition organized by Mo Sound. I had entered the same competition, and even though I didn’t win, I was commended for being the only lady who entered. DJ George went on to be a top DJ at Family Media and several events thereafter.

In a quest to attain mastery, I would read, research, accompany any DJ that had an event and help out with anything. From giving away fliers, to helping with sound, light and stage set up, to ushering, security, being a bouncer, social media marketing, anything to do with events. I would sit and listen as industry experts chatted away about the industry, I would attend forums on the music industry, watch videos on Youtube, print tutorial pages to read later.

I later won another scholarship to attend the Waterbrook School of Music Ministry, run by Waterbrook Church under Dr. Pete Odera. There we learnt everything about the music industry, the music business, ministry, sound, production, spiritual warfare, it was a comprehensive course.

A couple of years later, I tried out for the Pilsner Mfalme DJ competition. It was a great experience as it helped me see where I have progressed and where my weak points were.

The string of scholarships that I have been fortunate to win is the clearest sign I have, that God had a purpose for me from the beginning and is directing my steps. He burdened my heart thereafter to start the Association of Disc Jockeys East Africa in 2012. Using what I have available to me, I harnessed social media to build a DJ community, a family. To date, we are almost 15,000 DJs on our Facebook community, including regional and diaspora Kenyans, and a few international DJs.

While in the industry, I felt that my education was still incomplete. So I wrote to the top DJ school in the world, the Scratch DJ Academy, to ask them if they have any scholarships. I wrote them a heartfelt essay about my passion for DJing and how badly I wanted to join their school. They were so impressed, that they CREATED a tution scholarship and named me as the first recipient! I am to take up this scholarship soon when I fly out to their campus in Miami, Florida.

I had also written to Crossover Church, the organizers of the annual Flavorfest Hiphop Conference in Orlando, Florida. They offered to grant me a scholarship to attend, if I could arrange for travel to Orlando. I will be taking up this scholarship as well in the near future.

I have done media interviews locally and internationally, I have DJ’ed for international artistes, I have battled in DJ competitions, I plan to continue improving on and polishing my DJ craft, until I attain the level of mastery.


Dj'ing 2

Dj’ing 2

DJ Battle

DJ Battle

To be the most elegant DJ in history and set a precedent of professionalism and excellence for other DJs to envision and follow.

To use my gifting and training as a DJ and youth mentor to build DJs in Kenya to professional standards through mentorship, via the Association of Disc Jockeys East Africa (ADJ – EA)

• Moral integrity at work; exercise legal and ethical boundaries
• Elegance – in branding, in grooming
• Innovation – play new music, create new event ideas, and reach new markets with fresh ideas on entertainment
• Professionalism – in communication, in execution of ideas and delivery of client expectations

18-month plan
1. Get work over this festive season, save the money for rebranding
2. Use the rebranding exercise as a means to negotiate for better paying jobs locally, and to get work across the border
3. Buy DJ equipment
4. Buy a car for carrying the equipment
5. Use the money I make frugally, diverting the majority of it to investment in other ventures


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