Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Edwin Machuka

filming edu

Edwin Machuka

Edwin Machuka

Name: Edwin Machuka
Occupation: Film Maker
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Online Footprint:
Facebook Page: Link

Creative Bio and Life-cycle
I grew up with a vision of being an artist but I could not sate which kind of art I should concentrate on. I used to draw, paint and sculpt. But as I grow up I got this passion of taking photos and videos, at that particular moment I dint have a camera, which I could practice with, but one of my uncles had a photo studio where I could pop in and hold the camera and practice this made me even more interested in photography and video.

Some years later as I was growing up I experimented with different things I ended up going to college and studied Architecture later I studied 2D and 3D animation but still I had an urge of making film but it took me a while before I concluded that I stick film.

After a few years in college I got an opportunity of working with a production team that was working in making a Tv programmes, that is where all my focus went to. With the kind of environment and experience, I decided to buy my own camera and start doing my own filming.

Currently I focus of filming wedding, documentary, short films and participating in master classes to enhance my film skills.


On set Filming

On set Filming

My vision is to give is to capture moment through my lenses and also to tell stories told and untold.

My vision is to be one of the renowned cinematographer not only in Kenya but internationally.

18 Month Plan
I would like to achieve the following :
-Establish a good Business Structure
-Get more skills from people who are already established
-Build my customer base
-Do a film


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