Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Esther Musyoki

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Name: Esther Musyoki
Stage Name: Lesynemjunior
Occupation: Musician, Spoken Word Artist, Actor, Producer, Director, Script Writer, and PR Practitioner
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Esther Musyoki goes by the stage name Lesynem Junior abbreviated (LJ) A multitalented individual, she believes music is her life and acting is her passion.

Having been Born and raised in a family of creative Entrepreneurs (musicians and actors), she got to learn a few things when she was growing up, so she got the hang of it when she was still a toddler, her family was and still is passionate with their craft and she would see the dedication and time they put on their craft and that just blew her away, and hence her love for arts was inevitable.

She was born and raised in Eastland’s Nairobi, almost three decades ago; her origin is from the Eastern side. Her love for hip-hop originated when she was a toddler, when she used to go for battles around the hood, hence where the name Junior originated. She used to rap during Church/school camps, church concerts and school functions.

In a market flooded with creative entrepreneurs trying to make a name for themselves, few are able to stand out from the crowd. By remaining both original and relevant, Lesynem has made it a point to create her own path, and dedicates her whole life in the creative Entrepreneur scene.

Music Journey
Having released her first single Mundu Muthuku alongside Dreck Villah and Mc Dice in 2014, she first recorded her first song in 2007, also in 2007 she was featured in her Aunt’s Album Wachungaji sikieni. She took a break and decided to look for a job, and joined the PR world, She studied PR at KEMU at the same time working for IMGKenya till November 2011. She joined Liquid Entertainment arts as an Actress in January 2012 later on in March she become the Director, she did the song Christified with Dreck Villah in 2013, she also did the song Everything alongside DreckVillah in 2013, did a collaboration with Bigman in the song War which was released early 2015, she also did a song with Dangee At The Top, set to be released later 2016. Striving to go a notch higher, she’s currently working on The P31 Project with two young ladies, Shani and Corinne Kahi.

Production Journey
She joined this industry in 2012, when she just left her employment at a PR Firm in Nairobi, she got a few lead roles until she got an offer to be the Director of Liquid Entertainment Arts later, she produced all the production ever since until she left in February 2015.

She also did her own solo productions, away from Liquid Arts, like the movie Karlan alongside Film Maker Joash, where she was the Executive producer the movies was released in June 2012. And the Movie Bitter Sweet, where she acted, and was the assistant Director, it was released early 2015.

She also was the project manager, assistant Director and scriptwriter for a music video Milk and Honey by Holydave done in 2014.

She also did a couple of scripts for various production houses.


Performance poster

Performance poster

Tanzanian Performance

Tanzanian Performance

Tanzania Channel5 with Ian Dialo

Tanzania Channel5 with Ian Dialo



To raise a standard of perfection in production and presentation of Gospel urban music, that will impact all ages especially the youth, creating an avenue to reach International Arena and enlighten the World at large

Music: To use rap as a tool to spread the Gospel of Christ Jesus Worldwide. To inspire, motivate, reach and transform the society through her God given talent and influence the young and the old positively.
Film: To give the audience the best and keep them yearning for more and motivate actors to be the best in their craft

Business Model
Produce quenchable music, to all people, and making it accessible to all mediums available, and enable people to easily buy and enjoy urban music


18-Month Plan
By mid January 2016 get a team that will help in my brand, A stylist, Legal adviser, someone to help in Social Media marketing, an Accountant.

Get new developments for my Merchandise, get more designs other than hoodies. By March get them ready for sale
Do school tours in May 2016 to add social media visibility
Keep my documents, records, and receipts in order.

After researching start writing proposals for loans or value exchange by mid June 2016 to help in production costs
September 2016 do a Launch for the P31 Project. Which I want to attract partners to support, so that means I will have done a couple of proposals by then

Do a media tour to support the P31Project Album by December 2016
In January 2017 do an International tour to various countries to promote the brand and the Album
Mid June 2017 start developments of a solo album set to be released in April 2018
Get a website by mid 2017

Ulizalink story

Ulizalink story

Music Videos on YouTube
Its time #TheP31Project

Online coverage
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Links to other Projects done
The Movie Bittersweet trailerà
Liquid Arts Library à
Milk and Honey behind the scenes à
War Bigman ft. Lesynem Performance at JCC à
Christified Slide show ft. Dreckvillah à


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