Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Lucky Philip Rundu (Mdau)

cover photo

Lucky Philip Rundu

Lucky Philip Rundu

Name: Lucky Philip Rundu (Mdau)
Occupation: Photographer & film maker
Location / Base: Nairobi, Kenya
Social Media or Website Links: [Washikadau ]fb/youtube channel / @l_mdau on twitter

Creative Enterprise Bio
Washikadau is a Swahili word that translates to “stakeholders”. This entity was registered on 11th Nov 2013 as a sole proprietor enterprise. Amongst the facets that are under this entity are :

• Wedding photography
• Music Videos
• Documentaries
• Events coverage
• Family potraits

Creative Journey / Creative Lifecycle
It all started when I was 10 years, my sister had returned from abroad and she bought a camera, so on my birthday we had nobody to help us take the snaps and because I was eager to use this gadget that I felt was cool.. I did the job and wow, I got some few pics which are so memorable and tell a whole lot of stories….ooops I missed out on all the images.

In high school, I joined the journalism club and by 17yrs I was the handler of the school camera and yes I learnt some few tips on picture composition and I would make some pocket money from this hobbie.

I went on and study IT in university , worked as a programmer in different organization but I felt something was missing in my life, while abroad I offered to be the cameraman in the local church and this opened lots of gateways in my new acquired career.

I resigned from my Job and with my savings, I bought my first professional video camera, and then registered my company and the rest is history.


Shooting at an event

Shooting at an event



wedding photography

wedding photography

Product photography

Product photography

Baby photography

Baby photography

To operate our company with a team effort in a professional, friendly and efficient customer service and to offer only the best line of fine arts products to our deserving clients.

At Washikadau Entertainment, it is our mission to offer our clients the best wedding, senior and family portrait photography available to create photographic arts and capture lasting memories for our clients that will be cherished for generations, to leave a positive footprint on this earth, and lasting impression with everyone we interact with.

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12-18 months plan
• I plan to increase my capacity in terms of equipments.
• Improve my packaging
• Open a photo studio
• Officially launch my website hence improve my marketing
• Capitalize on the social media platform


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