Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Maureen Wanja Mbugua

Maureen PP
Names: Maureen Wanja Mbugua
Occupation: Interior designer/ decorator
Base: Nairobi, Kenya.
Facebook: www. maureene.danielle
Instagram: @reene23
LinkedIn : Maureen Mbugua

Creative Bio/ Life-cycle
Finding Voice
I always liked nice things when I was growing up. I remember a time when my mom and I went to visit one of her friend who had a very big house and was in love with landscaping. I was curious how she managed to decorate her place and plant all those flowers in her compound, so I ask my mom and she told me we can also manage to do that. When we went home we started collecting empty containers so as to do a flower landscape project on our verandah. My mom was in love with color white so all the containers we gathered were white, they were kasuku containers. My brothers and I help my mom fill the containers with soil and planted flowers that we bought from a florist near by our home.

During holidays my mom would send us to upcountry to visit my grandmother who by then used to do lots of weaving and woven bags. I got some skills from that, she gave me a task that when u go back to school I would collect thread and sewing materials. I also made clothes for my dolls and beaded my dolls hair, this was a nice experience because my childhood was fun. Other times I would use the thread I collect and make scarf, I used the hard grass to make my scarf.

I would say I gained all my creative skills from my mother and grandmother.

Being the only girl in our family I was always organized because most of my time I was at home while my brother were outside doing boys stuff. I remember when I joined boarding school in class four we had a home science class which I was the best or maybe I should say the teacher’s pet. My teacher was impressed by my skills and therefore made me the class rep on all our project. My apron by then which I made had the best knits techniques because I was able to achieve all we were taught and my creative watercolor project was the best of all. Unfortunately, our curriculum system changed and therefore we dint have my best subject anymore. I dint give up my skills as I grew my passion continued because of my siblings and people around me. One time when I came back from holiday as I was organizing our rooms I found my brothers drawing hidden under the bed. I took them and started sketching on a plain paper the exact images.

I grew and joined high school which was a private high school with my favourite subject home science. During our lessons we were taught how to organize and make our bed and that’s where my skills of furnishing were incorporated. We also had other projects like cooking, sewing which helped us a lot. I joined a different school in my form three year and the school dint have home science subject so I was forced to take subjects which I dint like. This dint end my creative journey as I found a way to always do something I liked during my free time and this was during my prep time and the weekends. I was the artist of our class I used to read novels a lot sometimes when I got bored I drew the picture on the cover on plain papers. This build my recognition in school and that inspired me to continue doing my passion.

Formative stage
After high school I was to decised on what I wanted to study in college. I had made a decision while I was in high school that I wanted to study arts. I researched arts schools and told my dad about that and he told me to go in each college to enquire about them. I settled with BIFA (Buruburu Institute of Fine Arts) because someone had told me it’s one of the best arts college in Kenya and it was at affordable rate which was according to my dad’s means. I wanted to do two courses at the time so I could be diverse. Unfortunately you had to pick one course at a time so I took Graphic Design then after a while I decised to change the course and take Interior Design because that was my major interest and passion. We had a lot of fun in school and I was able to find a job with my skills.

I could say I am still learning and working on my skills and this has made me want to start my own company through this I will be able to grow in my field and get recognition and become one of the best Interior Designer.




To be the biggest one stop shop of interior designs and decoration in East Africa.

To provide an affordable stlye, functionality and aesthetic value to residential and commercial and affordable rates

Core Values
• Organised
• Enthusiasm
• Respect
• Listen
• Communicate
• Produce quality service

18 Month Plan
• Learn more skills- online courses, read books, you-tube videos
• Open a website, bank account and strategies my business
• Do thorough market research
• Opening my business – finding an open space
• Spot opportunities
• Design décor products
• Displaying my products on exhibition
• Apply for funds
• Engaging a lot on social media i.e blogging, write articles in magazines, newspapaer
• Acquiring clients with networks
• Spotting opportunities
• Formation of database
• Expansion


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