Creative Entrepreneurship 2015 Class VI Profiles: Sabuni Twahiru

Sabuni, Twahiru

Sabuni, Twahiru

Name: Sabuni, Twahiru
Occupation: Program Manager, Nafasi Art Space
Country /City: Tanzania/ Dar es salaam
Skype: masoap Sabuni
Social Media:
Facebook link

Life is not static ever since my parents passed away more than 20 years ago. I had to sacrifice to make sure that my brothers and sister went to school and have a bright future. I used to cry when things didn’t work especially when they were sent back home due to school fees. They have been my best friends ever.

Used to be a teacher for year and I had to switch my carrier to the creative industry after completing my fine and performing arts studies.

Life Cycle
After my studies at the department of fine and performing art. We had the chance to study theory as well as practical classes I used to opt art subjects from the beginning of my studies to the end. Interaction between lecturers, tutors and students were wonderful. We used to perform at our department and sometimes outside the campus.

After my studies I worked with a private company for a short time and then joined Nafasi Art Space a visual art centre based in Dar es salaam I started as a volunteer, then assistance program in the program department.

Where I had the chance to work with professional in the art meet with diversity of artists from visual to performing artists. I real enjoy working with artist and surrounded by paintings, comic, sculptures, dancers and drums from different groups.

This is the place to be where creative minds meet, experiments and produce their pieces whether visually or performance. Looking at the emotions and concept displayed, also it is the place where people rise their voice in a creative manner without pain or fighting. But it is the place not given privileges/ priority by most of government and politicians.

I had the chance to learn a lot from my director he gave me advice and coaching through practicing, attending training workshops and seminars, art presentations. Planning and organizing our events as well as hosting other events.

Creative sector is the only sector that create income and generate employments to the youth apart from government and private sector.

Turning Point
Working with the creative for the past four years I have gained a lot of experience and confidence. But I’m at turning point where I want to add more skills apart from program management.

I would like to be among the content developer for different programs in the creative industry. There is a gap to be field there are few professional to develop content for youth programs and artists, few curators, art critic, few gallerias.

After visiting different spaces and attending events I prefer putting myself at recognition stage in organizing and managing events, because of the challenges and trends of what is happening in the creative industries and what is happening in East Africa such as international art fairs, festivals and number curated exhibitions and the entire movements in the creative industry.


Wachata Crew Studio at Nafasi Art Space

Wachata Crew Studio at Nafasi Art Space

Set Up Stage for Out Reach Project Jitoke Voting Campain

Set Up Stage for Out Reach Project Jitoke Voting Campain

Simulizi Mjini A Photo taken during a Tour with a Joel Lukhovi Photo grapher (Kenya Artist) during his residency at nafasi art Space

Simulizi Mjini A Photo taken during a Tour with a Joel Lukhovi Photo grapher (Kenya Artist) during his residency at nafasi art Space

To be among the best content developer for children and youth programs.

To inform and empower more programs for children and youth through training, workshops, art competition, research, experimenting and producing works for local as well as international market. Through content developing contents in different media platforms (TV, Stage, Film, Visual)

Business Model
Value: To train, inform, empower, youth program TV, film and public art
Target: Children from 4 and youth 18 -40 years old
Value chain: One off producer Originator, Realizer, marketer

18 month
I. Complete 2-3 script
II. To be part of the organizers of International Festival, Art Fair and exhibitions
III. To be part of content developer/ provider (TV and Film / Exhibition)
IV. Participate in production an exhibition and a short film/ documentary
V. Documents events photograph, interview, videos and audio presentation

Formalize the Activity
– To facilitate the possibility planning and organizing a Nafasi festival or art fair
– Registration or partner for new program
– More training and recruiting team
– Studio suits (video and audio)
– Produce script for TV/film, theatre performance and an exhibition.

Expectation: After two month training
Able to advice, think outside the box and work with different stake in the creative industry
To able to network and share skills, information acquired with other stake holders through meeting, discussion and workshop.

Able to develop and run programs in the creative industry
To be a good ambassador in the creative e industry.


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