Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VII Profiles: Juda King

On the 1 & 2's



Name: Judaking
Occupation: Hip hop artist
Location: Nairobi

Social media: Facebook Fan page

Judaking is a song writer, recording and performing hip hop artist from Kibra. He started writing poetry in high school which he later turned to rap lyrics. While growing up he was exposed to a lot of local rap music ie E-sir, k-south etc which lead to him falling in love with rap. He started recording officially in 2013 and has a mixtape and an Album to his name.

Creative Life Circle
When young Judaking spend a lot of time close to his grandfather who used to sing a lot, this had an effect on him as he started wanting to listen more and more music. When he joined high school he so much into literature/poetry. He wrote poems for fun but durring of the school holidays he learned his elder brother was writing songs, His brother convinced him he could turn his poems to rap. That’s all he needed to hear.

Entertain, educate and spread love using music.

Producer and perform great music that will inspire and entertain young people across all classes of life.


Kila step

Just a dreamer

2-6 Months Plan
-Package and launch an Ep I recorded early this year.
-Create Judaking Merchandise
-Register copyright my work
-Start a monthly Hip hop event


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