Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VII Profiles: Mildred Sakina aka Red

The Bar

The Bar



Name: Mildred Sakina aka Red
Occupation: Writer, actor and drama teacher
Location/ Base : Nairobi
Social media or Website Link: The Bar
Heartea Chats
Hapa Kenya

Creative Enterprise Bio
The Bar is a creative entity that aspires to be the premiere point of reference concerning all things African music. We plan to do this by offering constructive criticism to the current music being churned out, forming a network of artists passionate about their craft and Africa and finally help people have a deeper appreciation for their own music.

My partner and I started this journey in September 2015 and we are just getting started with more than 200 articles to date and 3 dedicated writers. We have managed to get the attention of musicians, producers and event organisers and have had mostly positive feedback on the impact of our articles. We are strategically looking to make this an entity that is owned by the diverse group of people we have on the continent. That means that we want to have writers from all over Africa lending their voice to this cause; country by country, region by region. We firmly believe that there is unity in diversity and that our future generations will have something that they can claim as truly theirs.

Creative Lifecycle
Creative Life cycle

The Bar is a creative entity that aspires to be the premiere point of reference concerning all things African music.

We plan to be able to restore African music to it’s place of prominence by
– Giving honest feedback about our music that will improve the industry as a whole
-Create a community of artists from all over Africa that can speak with one voice through music
-Give African music a spotlight such that it has an equal playing field with music from other parts of the world.


Hapa Kenya Screenshot

Hapa Kenya Screenshot



What happens at dusk

What happens at dusk

12-18 month plan
The Bar needs to get its name out there. That means that we need to continue building networks. We want to be the people that are thought of anytime a music event features so that means getting the movers and shakers of the industry to know about us. That means we need to go to more events, revamp our site to make it more appealing, have artists goodwill, and basically tighten our writing to keep us at the top.

Our social media presence needs to be stronger so that means we have to be more intentional about how we get people to notice us.( Our Twitter and Facebook need to be more active and we hope to also launch an Instagram page.) We may need help from other quarters so we hope that our team shall have expanded, especially having a social media person on board.

We also hopefully plan to launch a Youtube channel that will not just offer commentaries on music but have artist interviews that will focus on their music, have panel discussions on the state of our music industry and also get to know the business behind the music.


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