Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VII Profiles: Baptiste RUKUNDO

Painting by Rukundo



Name: Baptiste RUKUNDO
Occupation: Visual Artist
Location: Kigali, Rwanda
E-mail: jeanptiste-at-yahoo-dot-com
Online Footprint/Social Media
Facebook: Baptiste RUKUNDO (Personal); RUKUNDO Arts (Fan Page)
Instagram: Baptiste RUKUNDO

Born in KICUKIRO, Kigali Rwanda, RUKUNDO is a gifted visual artist, sculptor and painter. He is passionate about depicting the daily lives of different societies.

Born with a natural talent, he excels at working in a variety of mediums: wire, wood and clay for sculpting, acrylics and water colors for his paintings. RUKUNDO developed a strong direction towards abstract stylization in his paintings and continues to explore this further in his sculptures.

I have taught children and young adults at Ivuka Arts about development of paintings and life skills.

February 2014: Suddenly but not constantly – collaboration with Korean artists
July 2014: Imago mundi- A juried art show in Venice, Italy
November 2014: Kigali’s mixed media- Use of recycled materials
November 2015: THE METHAMORPHOSIS- Group Exhibition of Four Ivuka Artists

Life cycle

Life Cycle

Life Cycle

Changing society through arts and collaboration, exchanging and international recognition as a Rwandan Artist

People accessing art in easy ways by using live painting and public arts in different areas of the country
Helping the young and talented to improve their skills and participate in different Arts and cultural activities.


Painting by RUKUNDO Jean Baptiste

Painting by RUKUNDO Jean Baptiste

Painting by Rukundo

Painting by Rukundo

Exhibition at the GoDown: Mobility of Phenomenon

Exhibition at the GoDown: Mobility of Phenomenon

18 Months
• From august: Every last Saturday of the month doing public arts involving citizens.
• Summer art sessions in NIYO Arts center
• Making my personal marketing
• Home studio
• Found an arts club at MWIKO PRIMARY SCHOOL
• Two solo exhibitions one in Rwanda other outside of Rwanda
• Supply art materials

First of all I would like to thank the Godown Arts Center for this opportunity and thank my fellows class mates for all this time, we have been together, sharing ideas and exchanging experiences.
I liked your welcoming culture and warmth of the Kenyan people. On my end I will ask you that whenever you will come to my country, Rwanda, feel free to ask me about any help and I cannot forget to thank those, who were able to help me.

About course, I learnt alot and experienced many different things, about, innovating my artworks , because creating is always goes with innovation which I hope will help me to move from the stage I was on to another level in other words I have to do arts because is my passion but also I have to leave from it. Not only spend in it also earn from it


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