Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VII Profiles: Gloria Muthoka

In the Studio at the GoDOwn Arts Centre

In the Studio at the GoDOwn Arts Centre



Name: Gloria Muthoka
Occupation: Visual Artist
Location: GoDown Arts Centre
Facebook: Art by G-Muthoka

Artist Bio
I am a visual artist (painter and graphic designer), mentor, leader and young woman with a passion for the youth who has dabbled in photography and once in a while trying to figure out the guitar. As evident from the aforesaid I have a huge interest in the arts.

Creative Life Cycle
I remember myself drawing from a pretty young age. I still remember my numerous drawings of Tarzan. Back then I was in an Indian school. The day I went back home speaking in Gujrati was basically one of my last. I was moved to a bigger school where I started closing in on myself resulting in me drawing more. Moving along, I remember my CRE exercise book in standard 4. It was filled with colored drawings that earned me good remarks and grades. I still remember the teacher holding it out once to the rest of the class. Ah, the joy of color. Pumped with encouragement from my family, I continued on, sketching, doodling, drawing and painting. I had a number of ‘art related firsts’ and they were all totally awesome -my first set of poster color paints, my first set of water color paints (Marie) and my first set of pastels are just but a few.

Even though I did not attend a school that taught art, I was involved in the first school magazine at that time. It was black and white and oh so found wanting. However, it was a thrill to take part in its making. I made menu cards for the Home Science students and made some money while at it. The first painting I ever sold was that of a bird.

After high school, I explored with oil paints on canvas. The artists I found then were not willing to let me in on the secrets to working with this media. So I struggled for a while until I found someone who took the time to show me how to prepare the canvas for painting. During this time, I got my first book on art. I also got the opportunity to have a computer in close proximity and thus discovered digital art.

My time in campus consisted not just of school work but a personal exploration of art where I dabbled with both traditional and digital art. I should mention that I made some money out of this. I was also quite involved in putting together a number of yearbooks. Encouragement came from all corners – family, friends and institution related persons etc. Of note is that one of the things I wrote in the yearbook (when I graduated) was that I wanted to retire early and spend time painting… hmmm.

When I completed campus I went on to work in the humanitarian sector. While at it my love for art was trumped by the art of tiredness. Needless to say though I barely touched my physical brush I took time to use my digital one. These were my moments of sunshine. Finally I left the 8-5 to become a full time artist. It was around this time that I spent some time with artists like Mukabi whom I bothered with tons of questions and whom I used as a beacon to guide me in the new path back home. Here’s to a work of art in progress.

Called to create thought provoking art and design.

Telling stories to people of all walks of life through traditional and digital art.

Gloria Portfolio


Happy New Year

Happy New Year



18-Month Plan
I will look for a mentor that I will meet with regularly. Innovation in my book will take its face in me printing my illustrations and paintings on bookmarks for sale and give aways. I will make myself available to share the experience of my art journey (specifically to the youth). I will also take the step to start operating as a company. I will use Social Media to put out my work – this will involve posting daily to Facebook and adding work consistently to Behance. I will apply to a residency (local or regional). To this end, I intend to have at least one solo exhibition and take part in at least 3 group exhibitions.


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