Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VII Profiles: Kawira Murithi Mirero



Name: Kawira Murithi Mirero
Occupation: Designer – Fashion (Street Wear)
Location/Base: Mambo Pambo Design Studio, 2, Woodland Trails, Woodlands Road, Kilimani Nairobi

Social Media Links:
Instagram: mambo.pambo
Twitter: @Mambo_Pambo

Creative Journey/Creative Life Cycle
My first painting was published in 1997. I had completed it 9 years before and had submitted it for an art competition.

I can’t recall a single moment of life without Art and Design

In high school, when my classmates were wondering which optional subjects to pick, I knew my choice would be Art & Design. When time for university choices came, a BA in Design was the natural choice. I graduated with an Honors degree, went on to do an MBA (Marketing).

My love affair with art and design never wavered even as I waded through Corporate East Africa and West Africa for 14 years. I dabbled in art and all things creative practically all my life. In 2014, I decided, dabbling was not enough.

I am now a full time creative running Mambo Pambo, a Street Wear Fashion Brand, based in Nairobi.I also work on several Marketing Communication projects in my spare time.

About Mambo Pambo
Mambo Pambo seeks to change the way people view and experience locally made clothes by offering high-quality, beautifullycrafted and well-fitting afro-inspired apparel, designed and proudly made in Kenya

We are continually experimenting with new ways to fashion clothes that reflect each client’s unique personality, interests and lifestyle.

Eachone of our garments is designed and crafted in our studio and workshop.

Africa and nature intertwine to fuel our inspiration.

Based out of Nairobi, we are a closely knit team of designers, artisans and craftsmen who love working with varied fabric andnuanced textures, to fuse each member’s contribution into every Mambo Pambo piece.

We love meeting our clients and take pleasure in being an approachable studio. Should you want to swing by or make an order, please contact us.

The Link Between Fashion and Culture
Fashion is directly linked to culture, as it is an instant mode of direct, visual communication. According to Kratz et al (1998), fashion enables us to make statements about ourselves and our identities with the use of clothes, accessories and/or other physical items, enabling us to visually communicate who we are, who we’d like to be, what kind of social group we belong to and who we are most likely not to be associated with.

To change the way people view and experience locally designed and made clothes.

To offer high quality, impeccably crafted and well-fitting afro-inspired apparel, designed and proudly made in Kenya



Mambo Pambo Design Studio

Mambo Pambo Design Studio

1. Mambo Poa

1. Mambo Pambo

2. Mambo Poa

2. Mambo Pambo

3. Mambo Pambo

3. Mambo Pambo

4. Mambo Pambo

4. Mambo Pambo

5. Mambo Pambo

5. Mambo Pambo

6. Mambo Pambo

6. Mambo Pambo

7. Mambo Pambo

7. Mambo Pambo

8. Mambo Pambo

8. Mambo Pambo

18 Month Plan
• Design, produce, photograph complete themed look books every six months
• Launch an eCommerce Website
• Work on ‘fashion as art’ pieces once a year
• Resume painting

Kratz, C; Reimer, B. (1998) ‘Fashion in the Face of Postmodernity’, in, A. A. Berger (ed.), The Postmodern Presence: Readings on Postmodernism in American Culture and Society. Walnut Creek, CA: AltaMira Press.


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