Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VII Profiles: Alice Njambi Kibunja

Zugara Exhibition Ltd

Zugara Exhibition Ltd



Name: Alice Njambi Kibunja
Occupation: 3D concept designer
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Twitter: @zugarakenya
E-mail: alice(at)
Facebook: Njambi Alicia
Facebook Page: Zugara Exhibitions

Alice is a 3D design artist and is passionate about pencil art, 3D modeling and animation, a bit of sound production and photography. As a 3D designer my work is to create concept designs for space buildups including but not limited to expo stands, brand activations and offices spaces.

Creative Journey
Since I was in kindergarten, I used to enjoy drawing cartoons and pictures of elephants and masaai warriors with my dad. In my primary school there were no art classes and I used to draw at home on weekends where I enjoyed doing comic strips copied from newspapers and comic books. I had this dream of one day making an animated film based on my story (which I still do) and my biggest inspiration came from watching Disney cartoons as I kept wondering how they were made . In high school I got to turn my hobby of making customized birthday cards for friends into a small underground business where I earned some money from.

Later on, being a student of fine arts majoring in graphic design, I did start to feel that I was in the wrong career path and during my second year, I was granted a chance at a tv station where I got exposed to the world of production and editing and after a few months there I decided to change my career path from still graphics to 3D animation and multimedia. I quit from studying as a graphics designer and later in the year enrolled in a 3D animation school where I had a turning point and completely changed my path to 3D animation and multimedia.

I started my design journey in early 2014 under the guidance of my friend Allan Mwaniki who introduced me to the industry through mentorship. I had the privilege of learning how to do storyboards and animatics for animated films through him. Later in 2015 I got a chance to work as a 3D concept designer where I got to experience and perfect my 3D design skills. Working together with my friend who was also a former classmate, we founded a company later in the year, under the name Zugara Exhibitions Limited that is a 3D concept design and build company.

To be the industry leaders in respect to functional solutions, high quality of service, value for money with trusted client partnership and satisfaction being our key aim.

Becoming and remaining an industry benchmark for quality and professionalism. Our aim is to be a company that people want to be associated with.


3D concept designs

3D concept designs

design concept and complete stand

design concept and complete stand

Exhibition design concept and complete stand

Exhibition design concept and complete stand

18 months plan
Fully move to recognition and beyond in my creative cycle
Have a fully functional workshop for design production
Expand my craft to designing kid’s furniture
Get a graphics tablet
Fully integrate augmented reality in our concepts to enable a virtual fly through experience to our clients.


About Njathika

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