Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VII Profiles: Joseph “Kushnah” Simiyu

Kushnah Empire

Kushnah Empire



Name: Joseph “Kushnah” Simiyu
Stable: Kushnah Empire
Occupation: Film Producer
Base: Nairobi, Kenya

Creative Enterprise Bio
Kushnah Empire is a production house formed in 2012 with an aim to produce films, television programs and offer video services.

Creative Journey
I joined film production in 2009 as a trainee on “Togetherness Supreme”, an Africa Movie Academy Awards winning film by Nathan Collett. I went on to feature as a film crew (lighting, grips, sound, camera, assistant director, assistant producer, production manager) in different films including Kalasha Award winning films “Gangari” by Bernadette Otieno and “Sita Kimya” by Cajetan Boy.

I started Kushnah Empire in 2012, to produce films, television programs, and documentaries and offer video services. We did our first production, “Mad House” a television program pilot, in 2013, and have done three more pilots and several “shorts” since.

The focus has since changed and we are now focusing more on production of Christian feature films, with our first film coming later this year, 2016.

To be a renowned film producer in Africa.

To be a reliable source of Christian feature films.


15th Member

15th Member

Kar' Butho

Kar’ Butho

On Location

18 Months plan
I look to produce my first feature film in the next six months.
Plans are in place to launch a Christmas film in Cinema in December, 2017.


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