Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VII Profiles: Namussasi Silviah Nasimiyu


Name:Namussasi Silviah Nasimiyu
Occupation: Performing Artist
Location: Nairobi

Creative Life Cycle Bio
My father is a visual and calligraphy artist who enjoyed his time while he had before moving on to education. All my biological and half siblings are visual artists and being the last born I kind of like just followed the trend. I enjoyed that for a while till I encountered with dance from the unending rumba songs and videos my father use to watch. In primary school I performed a lot of poems and dances alongside my elder sister during school and other related education functions. I then joined my primary drama club and then followed on. After high school I went on to pre-university to study physics before taking on forensic science but called it quits after 3months. I went back home in Bungoma and joined my a theatre group, did a couple of shows before joined a performing arts company where I underwent a number of trainings and performances for about 4 years. From then it’s been one step at a time, one project at a time.

Creative Enterprise Bio
Silviah is an actor, dancer, poet and yoga practitioner. She started out performing professionally immediately after high school. Having undergone various levels of performance development and skills trainings she has created and perfomed a number of plays ranging from original contemporary Kenyan plays to farces and comedies to musicals which have toured Kenya, East Africa, Mali and as far as India. Silviah has tried out her hand in directing, four plays back in her hometown so far including the musical ‘ The Lion and the Jewel’ where she went on to write and article about the experience and it was published in the ‘African Theatre Journal ; NgugiwaThiong’o and Wole Soyinka Vol 13 .‘ She has led a number of performance workshops for both adults and children at the Story Moja Hay Festival and various institutions. She has done independent dance training in salsa, contemporary and African dances. Aside from performing, she enjoys drawing and making jewelry.


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