Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VII Profiles: Gadi Ramadhani

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Gadi Ramadhani

Gadi Ramadhani

Name: Gadi Ramadhani
Occupation: Artist and entrepreneur.| Founder KokoTEN Studio | Gallery
Location/Base: Dar es Salaam
Social Media | Links
Facebook | Behance /GadiRamadhani
Twitter @KokoTENTZ

Creative Enterprise Bio
Gadi Ramadhani is a Tanzanian visual artist, curator, exhibition producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur.

Gadi is the founder of Koko’TEN Studio | Gallery that believes in the transformative power of the arts in communities in Tanzania. Prior to this, Gadi served as a project manager for Nafasi Art Space from 2009 to 2011. During that time he managed the exhibitions program, which included displays by national and international artists. The exhibitions were often augmented with panel discussions, workshops, and interdisciplinary events.

Select professional highlights include: Curator for Domocrazy Cartoonists Exhibition: Vipaji Gallery (2015); Assistant curator for Impose/Expose: Art Revealing Space in Dar es Salaam (2015); Co-curator for 28 Words in Maputo, Asiko | CCA Lagos: Fortaleza de Maputo (2015); Co-juror for the Art Cross Border Competition by Emergent Art Space, California (2012); Co-curator for The Art of Carving by Hamed Athuman exhibition (2011) and program manager and public relations officer for the East Africa Art Biennale(2009) & (2011) respectively.

Creative Journey / Lifecycle
Born in Kigoma, Tanzania. He is the son of retire Tanzanian maritime engineer and fashion designer mother. The artist as a young boy was encouraged to freely explore artistic and intellectual pursuits when he began drawing board pictures in exchange for a sweet potato! A magnet for all sorts of adventure Gadi moved to Johannesburg, South Africa to pursue a career in the aviation industry, before ditching the course to become a professional artist. In 2008 after completing his NQF level 4 in Design Foundation and Printmaking, Gadi decided to move back to Tanzania where he had tremendous success with the art scene. He is considered to be one of the youngest printmakers in East and Central Africa whose distinctive style always contained a concern for human issues and He draws inspiration from daily happenings of the society that he live in; all the things that happen in his neighborhood from social to political event, all are engraved within his artistic eye. They then become abstract expressions of his feelings and ideas which he then depict on his prints or canvas with colors and images.

My work is very figurative and representative of a “typical daily life” and is most often satirical of our hypocritical culture found in our behavior as a society of “responsible citizens” during the day of outward expression while in truth we are a total opposite in our actual actions. For example politicians who in light of day preach of anti corruption while they do just the opposite.~ He said

He continues by saying, “I am also interested in the way politicians are painted in public while in private they have a totally opposite reality. These, are mainly driven by the political situation in my country; bad governance, cronyism, corruption etc or our lack of a clear identity as a result of being Africans strongly influenced by colonization, religion and global consumerism.”

Currently Gadi lives and works in Dar es Salaam and Lushoto, Tanzania.

To aspires to play a curatorial leading role on regional, national and international stages for Tanzania through exceptional exhibitions, publications, programs, and collaborations. As a hub of artistic and cultural energies and strive to be cultural inspirational resource for all audiences.

To enhance the understanding and appreciation of contemporary and modern East African arts and artists, principally by developing, exhibiting, text, content and preserving its renowned Collection.



Artist Timeline

Artist Timeline

Right Side Up 2016

Right Side Up 2016

Red Tie 2016

Red Tie 2016

In between 2008

In between 2008

12-18 months plan
• Launching the space, programs, publication and collaboration with other curators.
• Work for the International cultural centre to embark the practice and experience.
• Back to School | Online Curatorial Studies
• Legal structure to KokoTEN and 1 permanent employee


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