Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VII Profiles: Nduta Kariuki

Cover photo

Nduta K.

Nduta K.

Name: Nduta Kariuki
Occupation: Artist
Location: GoDown Arts Centre, Dunga Road

Nduta Kariuki is an artist born and raised in Ngong. She paints primarily but dabbles extensively and has working knowledge of most art forms.

Nduta graduated with a B. A. in Fine Art from Kenyatta University where she majored in Painting and minored in Sculpture and Graphic Design.

Nduta lives and works in Nairobi, Kenya and enjoys whimsical art and reggae.

Creative Life Cycle
Once upon a time in class three, Nduta was drawing weird looking girls instead of doing homework. She spent the rest of the afternoon on her knees doing said homework. (Punishment did not fit the crime)

In boarding school she made and sold cards adorned with roses off the then ‘Rosy’ tissue packaging (Cost of production was low. Sold the cards for cheap)

She did art in high school and it is here that Nduta discovered she had a knack for varied art forms. (High school sucked. Art helped a great deal)

The years after high school are a bit of a blur (RAM is compromised) but in them Nduta did computer studies, certificate in painting and drawing, teaching art and computer studies at Serare School, countless pencil portraits and crotchet hats.

Nduta went to Kenyatta University in ’09 to study Fine Art. First two years had her taking classes in Music, Theatre and Film (These were great!) in addition to Art Classes. During this time Nduta did backdrops for schools for Music & Drama Festivals, a touch of fashion design by upcycling own clothes and low key showcasing and selling her art.

She worked at Catapult Brand Consulting as a graphic designer and resigned to do art full time in April ’15. A couple of false starts had her going back to graphic design for a bit in July and teaching drawing in animation at the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication in September.

But on the real though, September of ’15, fog on the path to full time artistry was lifting. She was creating work, making sales and connections. Nduta, with valuable help, organized a show in January ’16 showcasing work by 16 artists, mainly portraitists from the online community ‘Portraits Africa’. She has since been at the GoDown creating and showing at various places.

Reach my full potential and create work that excites and inspires

Use my art to express myself and in turn inspire the world around me


Portfolio 1

Portfolio 1

Portfolio 2

Portfolio 2

Portfolio 3

Portfolio 3

Portfolio 4

Portfolio 4

In 12 – 18 Months
– Create original work from scratch
– Create body of work for first solo exhibition
– Diversify into relief sculpture
– Attend art residency regionally
– Create content for/around ‘Nduta Kariuki’ – Video, Audio
– Keep better records of finances
– Take opportunities in varied artistic expressions


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