Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VIII Profiles: Charles Kimani Muchora

Name:Charles Kimani Muchora
Trade: Filmmaker/Producer
Social Media links:
Personal Social Media Handle:

My Journey So Far (2016)
Kimani Muchora otherwise known as Chalo by his peers in the Kenya film industry is a trained accountant and a diploma holder in business administration, as the saying goes we are all born creative, it’s just that not all of us have the courage to pursue our artistic talents and dreams, and 10 yrs later I found my purpose.

My creative journey as a filmmaker started 7 yrs ago after getting my 3 yr diploma in business administration. I enrolled for a TV and radio training program at Medeva. The program was a crash course in TV and radio production.After the program I got into the unpredictable world that is the Kenya Tv/Film industry and despite the lows I have never looked back. My credits include been a sound recordist for a number of popular Tv shows such as Santalal, Pray & Prey, Uongozi Tv, Show,Top chama and a dozen other shows.To date 2016 I continue working as a sound recordist ,thou am now producing and directing other tv formats such as short films,Documentaries and films and in the next few years I will be producing some ground breaking documentaries and movies.

To be one the leading producer of African content.

To produce educating & entertaining audio visual content that is authentic African.


The 18 month that is the period starting January 2017-Mid 2018, will serve to launch more products both for company and self. For the company ismarwa Creativez the following are the goals
• Acquire company equipment
• Move into a larger office space
• Launch ismarwa sports-An online sports channel that will have Kenyan sports video content
• Build on brand visibility through consistent marketing and promotion campaigns
• Produce high quality video content

Plan For Self
• Direct and produce short and feature length movies
• Co-own a wedding planning company
• Co-own/manage a sports personality online brand


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