Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VIII Profiles: Martin Kimani aka DJ TOUCHDOWN



Occupation: disc jockey | Event Producer
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Social MediaLinks:-
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|The Party Gallery Kenya |
Instagram |@deejaytouchdown |
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Martin Kimani that goes by the stage name Deejay Touchdown is an established entertainer with a 4 year experience in the deejaying industry having performed at different clubs in various Kenyan Towns and an out of the country stint in Kampala.

Flexible with different music genres to always get to serve up the best mix to any type of crowd. Furthermore, Touchdown is an entry-level event producer and manager that is currently focusing on showers i.e baby showers & bridal showers. This is to give him a footing to the events business. He’s also a Quantity Surveyor that is currently working as project manager toseveral construction sites.

A remarkable thing about him is that he uses his different activities to network and build relationships that are benefital to his creative business.

Creative life cycle
I picked up my love for music when I was in high school as I got introduced to the internet and when matatus were on a serious phase of having TV screens and huge music systems. This made me start collect music & DJ mixes from movie vendors in town and internet downloads.

This then got me into deejaying through virtual DJ and I ended up becoming the high school entertainment head. After high school I got a free month long tutorship from DJ TOUCH where I learnt a lot on basics of deejaying.

Flash forward to campus, I had much more freedom to hone my skills and linked up with a DJ that was dating a relative of mine. Through him I managed to get access to DJ equipment and learn more about the dynamics of the industry. With this knowledge I began to ply my trade at campus where every semester I would organize free balcony parties with my DJ partner DJ SLAKERZ. We would raise funds among ourselves to hire sound & lighting and use school resources such us projectors to give live video mixes. These were an instant hit and we would get back our money by charging vendors of drinks, sheesha and bitings. I was also deejaying during student body campaigns where I would offer my service to aspirants would want to throw parties to woo voters.

I later got into deejaying at night clubs where we would have Thursday campus themed events in the CBD and later in westlands. We would have offers on drinks and birthday celebrations that were a huge crowd puller. I later moved to doing shows at different towns of the country and even managed to DJ in Kampala.I also got to feature as a guest DJ at different media stations such as KISS TV & HOT 96 FM. I then teamed up with friends who also happened to be DJs, graphic designers & professional photographers to startPARTYVILLE KENYA which is an events consortium that we associate ourselves with. We have organized pool parties featuring major acts such as DJ CRÈME, beauty pageants and corporate parties.

These events have led me to event management & production which I believe is my long term plan on events. I have managed to take a certificate course on events management and now started a party company that is currently focusing on Weddings, Bridal Showers & Baby Showers called THE PARTY GALLERY KENYA.

To build a brand that will bring creativeness and origination in the entertainment industry by offering the audience and clientele of different demographics, outstanding memorable & valuable moments.

Imagination to Experience

 Satisfaction



Party Ville Kenya Pool Party

Party Ville Kenya Pool Party

Live in Kampala - Uganda!

Live in Kampala – Uganda!

the party gallery bridal shower

the party gallery bridal shower


18 month plan
 Network with other established brands in the event production & management domain in order to learn from them
Be a recognized in Kenya event circles as an event producer & a DJ.
Successfully produce 1 large scale event as a core producer.


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