Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VIII Profiles: George Maina Mundi


Name: George Maina Mundi
Occupation: Film/TV Producer
Base: Nairobi and environs
Online Presence–5O2E2yTAKJjL89km0I8g

Creative Enterprse Bio
Pembetatu Media is a video content production company dealing with new media, film and tv content.

Creative cycle
My first experience with production was in 2009 after joining GBS TV as a trainee and intern and over the past six years I have worked in various positions within the video production industry. It’s reached a point in life where change feels necessary and crucial if I was to live purposefully creatively. Setting up my own business began as a dream of encompassing the different fields of production into one, eg management, representation and production. Having found my voice in my domain it now remains working towards putting out work so as to attain some form of recognition from customers and my peers as a creative producer and director and thus grow the company into a one stop shop for creatives.

Inspiring generations through visual storytelling

Create, fund and produce quality content that entertains, educates and inspires change in the African narrative through quality film and TV content.


12-18 month plan


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