Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VIII Profiles: Mark Mutahi



Name: Mark Mutahi Chiira
Craft: Photographer & Architect
Base: Nairobi
Online Presence:
Facebook – MutahiChiira
Instagram – mutahichiira
Twitter – mutahichiira
Website –

I am a Creator. I love to make stuff – Cool Stuff.
I am a Photographer, Artist, Architect& Budding Entrepreneur.

Kenyan born & bred, I live & work in Nairobi – Capital City of the continent’s most diverse country, Kenya.

Through architecture, my practice has provided great opportunities to travel & document various gems in and around my city. I look to engage more with the local Architecture, as most importantly, the environments that inform them. I choose to do this through my Photography.

Journey / Creative Life Cycle
My father was a painter and that means I was born into a space that looked like a gallery – Paintings on the walls, Brushes, Paints, Easels and canvas pieces in the spare bedroom, tools everywhere …

Naturally, that exposed me to art at a very tender age and I naturally drifted along that direction from early on.

I did a lot of sketching on my books (that is after I tried doing it on the walls of our house and subsequently learnt a harsh lesson about the misgivings of misusing other people’s property) and collected lots of magazines just to look at the photos and accompanying captions.

In primary school, I was the go-to guy for the design & art related stuff, a trait I carried throughout my formal schooling days through high school and university, skills which were essential, helping me land my first two jobs in the Architectural world.

It is during these jobs that I got a chance to travel around the country, either for work or leisure (since I had a bit of money to spare) and naturally, I carried my camera with me, which was a Sony point-and-shoot I’d received as a gift during my graduation party.
(Un)Fortunately, I lent it to someone and they lost it. They weren’t in a position to replace it so I had to make do with borrowing from my friends.

During this period, one of my very good friends bought a very basic Nikon DSLR and started making some pretty impressive images and posting on social media.
During one of my trips in 2011 He was kind enough to lend it to me.
After that trip, He asked me to keep it for a week and give it a test run. This allowed me to explore all its abilities and that’s when I decided to start saving up to get my own set of camera gear.

Two years later, I had saved up enough to buy a full set of shooting gear but it wasn’t until 2015 that I began to take the Art seriously.
I started by shooting weddings and small events as an assistant and it is here that I learnt to shoot on the go and work under pressure.

I registered my business, Eyeconic Media, in late 2015 so that I can turn this ability into a sustainable & profitable business. The main focus is in the fields I am most at home in – Landscapes, Cityscapes and Architecture.

I have also been fortunate enough to have my work showcased in a forthcoming publication, Nairobi; the city that calls your name, a visual journey through the city of Nairobi.

Vision & Mission
Vision: We aspire to provide, for every Kenyan, a quality piece of art that tells of the beauty & diversity of the country.

Mission: To create artwork that inspires and restores a sense of pride and patriotism to every Kenyan, locally & internationally.

a. Integrity
b. Creativity
c. Quality

a) City-scapes









b) Land-scapes







12-18 Month Plan
a. Set up solid business systems
b. Move business into profitability
c. Establish a Studio/Gallery
d. Begin my first major Personal Project, Coast to Coast, featuring the Cities & Landscapes of Kenya
e. Complete a Collaborative Project with 2 Artists
f. Hold an exhibition (solo or joint)


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