Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VIII Profiles: Diana Kuria


Diana Kuria
Name: Diana Wambui Kuria
Artistic discipline: Bass player, music producer, director & founder
social media presence:
Facebook: musichutt1
YouTube: Link


“Music is a social act of communication among people, a gesture of friendship, and the strongest there is”

– Malcolm Arnold said these words and I couldn’t agree more.

Many artists if not all, begun their artistic journey at a very tender age some parents would support them and guide them, others would pump the white collar job mentality into their heads, well I am not any different.

I picked my first instrument at the age of 19 years old which was the piano, in my childhood years I was busy singing in choirs, doing solos, choral verses and dancing, my dad at that time bought me a keyboard till date I have never known where it went, he even went ahead to request that I learn it but I was too distracted with all the singing and dance going around me.

I was marveled by our lead singer in church, he would sing and play and made the piano sound so beautiful and I thought why not try it out, luckily there were classes being offered in church so I enrolled myself, months flew by and my teacher who was the bass player asked ‘would anyone want to play the bass guitar?” I told him I will think about it. From there then on I would selectively filter out instruments and narrow it to the bass and my oh my! I fell in love with it and I started learning the bass and here I am, intermediate bass player and the look on people’s faces when they realize it’s a lady playing, just priceless but I want to venture into more in the entertainment industry so watch this space.

Unite souls in the whole world through music, because no matter where you are from we all dance to the same beat.

Create an avenue for performing artist to showcase and develop their talent.

Integrity, spirituality, empowerment, creativity.


18 month plan
– Identify a team who share the same vision
– Perform as a band in events/save/learn
– Register company
– Organize local gigs/advertise/ create brand
– 13 MONTH- have calendar of events
– Host end enroll upcoming bands training program
– Strategize on investment that will benefit the company i.e sound equipment, recording studio.


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