Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VIII Profiles: Isabella W. Mainah


Name: Isabella W. Mainah
Occupation: Creative Content Provider (Screen Writer)
Location: Base-Nairobi
Social Media: -f. b- Isabella Mainah
I.G- EzzyRoyalty
Links of my work:

Creative Enterprise Bio
Isabella Mainah is a passionate Content Producer whose innate skills are crafted by writing. Her vision is to change the diet of content consumption in the world by putting an African film in every home and theatre worldwide. Her writing is beyond screen but also inspired by music and has indulged in songwriting as well.

She is currently working on a music single called “Treasure.” This has inspired her to form a Content Producing Company called Creator Ezzy Royalty. Besides writing, she is also a video editor and a Camera Operator. She is currently creating content for an upcoming TV station as she works on some scripts as well. Isabella takes on different roles when film opportunities arise at different capacities if not writing. She loves telling her Kenyan stories for they are what has shaped her childhood growing up and are unique, peculiar and funny. Kenyan’s are peculiar people right? Her first encounter with film was with a group of classmates called “Twisted Turns”. She is open to learn and believes information is power. She takes on any learning opportunities to sharpen her creative skills on platforms such as Godown Creative Entrepreneurship Classes, PAWAKWG, Virtual Classes and Maisha Master Class which are great places for her creativity to thrive.

Creative Journey/Creative Life-cycle

My vision is to create world class African content that can be viewed in homes and theatre worldwide.

To own a digital Television Network that sets international standards that will give my audience a lifetime experience.


Role: Assistant Producer & Screen Writer

Role: Screen writer

Wind Beneath My Wings

Wind Beneath My Wings

WIP: the Greedy Clan

WIP: the Greedy Clan

18 Month Plan
1. Content Creation
-Start scripting for the children’s show and animated films. Team up with potential writers and people who are passionate in this field.
-Spot talent in kids and create a hub for kid’s center to nurture their talent. My church has many kids, I can start there.
2. Finance-Spot opportunities for beyond Zero and Jigger campaign to do films for them.
-Spot opportunity in Kindergartens and do for them profiles to generate income.
3. Re-strategize my ideas-Take each script at a time and see the point of focus.
4. Increase my circle of networks in the industry .
5. Get mentors who inspire me in my field.


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