Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VIII Profiles: Wanjiru Njoroge (Ciru)



Name: Wanjiru Njoroge (Ciru)
Occupation: Film Maker and Lingerie enthusiast
Location Base: Nairobi

Social Media Links
Linked In:
Twitter: @Shee_njoroge
: @doubledeeske
Instagram: @ciru_njoroge
: @doubledeeske

Creative Enterprise Bio
The persona Ciru PM, which stands for Production manager, came to life in 2014. The passion for great stories, great picture and simply perfection in delivery led to the creation of a ‘middle-man’ of sorts whose sole purpose was conceive amazing concepts, assemble efficient teams and facilitate creation of masterpieces. All through her school years it was evident that Ciru was an ardent art enthusiast; participating in art club, dance club, poetry, majoring in Fine Art, studying Film, Graphics and later pursuing a degree in Fine art and Design. With such a large scope of artistic interest, Ciru is constantly immersing herself in fields that seem diverse yet similar and creating networks that encourage collaboration within the artistic space both locally and internationally.

Some of her great works feature in different realms; t.v shows (Auntie Boss, Travel Diaries, Mentality, Crazy Comedy, Waliobaki), Events creation and management (Art Exhibitions, Open Mic, AFRA Pink Viewing), Short films (Kaleidoscope, Blurr, HeartShot, Kihuruta) and Installation projects all around Nairobi.

In addition to her great passion towards film, picture and performance artCiru is a self-proclaimed lingerie enthusiast. Double Dees Kenya, the first of it’s kind, is a Kenyan lingerie company that designs, manufactures and retails lingerie designed to cater to the buxom woman whose only resort is to buy second hand items, ‘mitumba’, or spend exorbitant amounts of money in the international market. Ciru and her team strive to create elegant, affordable and well fitting pieces. Based at Riverside Drive, these ladies are revolutionizing the lingerie market and its shopping experience.

Art is a weapon and a tool, and the eARTh without art is just ‘Eh’

(Someone famous said this.)

Ciru intentionally works in these chosen spaces to provoke thought, encourage collaboration and push for social change; she does this through her collective, The Mau Mau Collective. The Collective is driven by Pan-African values and as a result prioritizes projects aimed at developing and empowering our communities. Ciru and her team aim to source for funding and educational opportunities for artists, all in a bid to make the arts a sustainable career for African artists admonishing the idea that the arts are simply hobby activities. Some of their works include:

Art Installations:

Library Collaborations:



The vision is to create a bridge to all existing spheres of art.

As a creative invested in more than one disciple, the mission is create webs of collaborations that serve the various derivatives of art, aesthetic purposes, monetary earnings, therapy and social change.

12-18 Month Plan
• To create a system that integrates the various existing disciplines through; exhibitions, events, film and screenings, and community based installations
• Create more collaboration that ensures platforms and highlights the pre-existing art in the market.
• Finalise on registration and the legal foundations for the Mau Mau collective, which will encourage more donors, partners, sponsors and collaborations both locally and internationally.
• Officially launch Double Dee’s first line of lingerie and mastectomy bras, specific to the cancer community.
• Continue to provide exemplary products and service through Double Dees Kenya and finalise o the migration process that will begin to bring the manufacturing plant and process to Kenya.


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