Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VIII Profiles: Charles Maina Mwangi (Mitch)

Sertified Image

Sertified Image



Name: Charles Maina Mwangi (Mitch)
Occupation: Film maker
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Online Presence

Bio/Creative Journey
Charles aka Mitch is a Nairobi based film maker involved in the film sector for the past two years professionally in different capacities from Scripting to Directing, currently specializing in the Production Management Department. He is also the cofounder of Sertified Image.

Mitch first fell in love with film in second year in campus while participating in a leadership program where one was required to present a short film. He volunteered to shoot the film with zero experience and edited it, the film was ranked last but made sparked an interest that had not been there before.

He joined the Media team in campus (The Journey) where they made short films on a weekly basis addressing various issues affecting campus students. There he met like-minded people passionate about film making. On graduation, they decided to venture into Film and cofounded a company together.

His work is featured in collaborations with Mgreen Productions and Sertified Image.

Mitch is a trained accountant graduating from Kenyatta University and has also a background in CPAs. Additional certifications include a Certificate in independent film making at the Youth Film Platform.

Notable achievements would be being part of crew as a Production Manager of the short film Consigned to oblivion which won numerous awards such as Out of Africa, Arusha Film festival and Riverwood awards. The film also got a Kalasha nomination.

To become a world renown Commercial film company

To collaborate with creatives in the film industry to tell Kenyan stories through film.

Value for money

SI youtube page
Kusoma tu



18 Months Plan
– Start writing screenplays.
– Do a short film every 3 months. (Long term)
– Go back to school.
– Start mentoring someone.


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