Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VIII Profiles: Francisca Wambui Kamau



Name: Francisca Wambui Kamau
Field: Interior Designer
Based: Nairobi & Environs

My first exposure to Art occurred before I started school. My father is an Architect and so I would find it so amusing to color his Architectural drawings in tracing paper.

I have learnt Art all through primary school, in high school I was very happy to learn that Art and Design was offered and I took it in a heartbeat. My Art experience in high school informed so many pertinent decisions in my current career line to date.

After high school I didn’t exactly know what area of the Arts or Design I wanted to go into but my father who continues to be my career mentor advised me to enroll in University do a general degree in Design then I would eventually figure things out along the way.

To date I have no regrets as to where my creative path has led me, I like to make objective decisions and stick to them. I’m all about creativity. It’s who I am and all I know how to do best.

My business was informed by the love to create and impart knowledge of design and see how to incorporate visual Art into the Interior space.

Artsyteriors offers 3 services that complement each other;

1. Consultancy – where we seek to advise clients about the Interior problem at hand. We go a step further by designing and eventually implementing our advice, that is known as design and build service.
2. Training – I love to teach and share my design experiences and the knowledge that I have gained in the industry and I strive to have different forums with different target groups where this can be a success.
3. Products – as a creative who likes working with their hands I love to make mosaics, DIY products with the hope of introducing a surface collection for the Interior space in the near future.

As I continue to do what I love, I hope that through my journey others can do so too. I plan to continue learning as I teach Interiors and also scout for opportunities that can give me a platform to express my creativity in the interior space beyond borders.

Creative life-cycle

life cycle

life cycle

Finding voice
This was when i was in campus, trying to figure out what area of design I want to go into though it was clear I was in the right place

Formative years
These were the first years in employment.I was thrown into the deep end. I had to learn how to multitask & i got alot of exposure from the projects i tackled.

My first 3 employer introduced me to various disciplines in the Interior field

Recognition in the domain & field
In this field one gains recognition through work experience and I believe this is where i am now.

With experience comes growth and i plan to keep growing in my skill-set as i strive to reach the next level.

Creating inspiring experiences in the interior space

To create functional aesthetic and inspiring spaces for the end user through design education and implementation.

1. Ruiru Kitchen

2. Dash shop fit out – Sarit Centre

3. Lobby & Cloak room concept

18 month plan
My 18 month plan will be divided into 6 parts and each part will take a period of 3 months. They are not organized in any hierarchical order as some parts will merge and flow into others.
1. Housekeeping – put my business into order in various departments like Accounts, Administration and Design issues that need to be streamlined into a working system.
2. Introduce structure to my business –being a sole proprietorship it’s tough to go at it alone as I have been doing, think about the options I have and what will work best for my business either form a company, partnerships or collaborations.
3. Review my pricing policies, see how to negotiate better fees with my clients and better terms with my service providers etc
4. Research about the products I want to introduce to complete the 3rd pillar in my business. Once the market research is successful plan on how to fund raise and ship in a few to test the market
5. Marketing and PR – advertising my products and services, ways to scout for opportunities to promote and increase sales.
6. Attain my end point as it forms part of my vision by opening a design school that will be a center for creative excellence without borders.


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