Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VIII Profiles: Gikonyo Muguimi



Name: Gikonyo Muguimi
Occupation: Film maker
Location: Nairobi
Facebook: Gikonyo Muguimi

Company online presence
Sertified Image – YouTube
Sertified Image – Vimeo

I am a film maker by passion. I have been involved in various projects serving at different capacities including Director, Editor and Director of Photography since 2014.

I am also one of the directors and founders of Sertified Image, a company that specializes in film, motion graphics and photography.

I’ve always loved stories since I was a kid. I spent time watching movies religiously always fascinated by the way they are made. The interest to dive in the film industry fully cropped up while I was in campus in my second year.

I got a platform to learn and be part of the weekly productions of short videos at a community called The Journey which would screen every Friday. With this, my interest in the field grew and I decided to switch the course I was enrolled in at the time for one in Film. Luckily I got support from the people around me.

In the course of my studies, we started a company with three other creatives who shared a similar vision to mine hence the birth of Sertified Image. Since then, we have done several short films and documentaries as a unit and also in collaboration with other creatives in the field. We have also done other jobs in the corporate sector.

I find film to be a powerful medium through which we tell stories, preserve culture and also expand the boundaries of reality.

To become a world renown commercial film company producing African content.

To collaborate with creatives in the film industry to tell Kenyan stories through film.


Angles of My Face from OldGold Films on Vimeo.

Angles of my face – Editor

Loretto Kiambu – Director and Editor

Here is the link to our portfolio:

18 month plan
– do 6 short films in 2017 (1 per 2 months)
– get proper hardware for editing.
– be intentional in creating networks.


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