Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VIII Profiles: Eric Mwangi


Name: Eric Mwangi
Occupation: Creative Director & Visual Artist
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Social Media: Facebook: Eric Mwangi

Enterprise Bio
I am the co-founder and creative director at Treble Limited, a full service communications agency based in Nairobi. I am also a visual artist and volunteer art teacher. I draw my inspiration from God, the people that I meet and my surroundings.

Creative journey/ life-cycle
From an early age, I knew that the world of creative is where my destiny awaited. I started drawing (and selling) artworks right from primary school. In 2003, I was captivated by digital art and went on to study graphic design in college. I got my first creative job as a junior designer at Nakumatt. ‪This is where I cut my teeth as a graphic designer.

I then moved into the agency world where, I joined a small, energetic, no-nonsense advertising agency. My role as an art director was to conceptualize, present and execute creative solutions. I oversaw 360-degree campaigns for clients such as Oilibya, Kenya Railways and KWAL.

My journey then took me to the world of publishing where I took on a challenging role that saw me grow from a lone ranger, to a hands-on leader. My job at Integral Media was to manage a team of designers, programmers and writers. I also directed monthly location photo shoots for magazine covers and fashion spreads for 2 magazines. It was a great opportunity that showed me the power of collaboration and the amazing work that can be achieved, when teams of creative individuals from different disciplines, work together.

In 2013, I returned to Nakumatt as the head of creative and enjoyed 3 years of solving different creative challenges and collaborating with designers, photographers, illustrators and content creators from all over the world.

In 2016, my creative journey took a turning point when I felt a strong desire to return to the world of traditional fine art. Since I couldn’t find time to create while still working at a demanding full time job, I left and founded a creative consultancy that would allow me time to learn and paint.

Having enrolled for a visual arts course at University of South Africa (through distance learning), I took on a new chapter of my life. I now juggle my work as a creative director and visual artist while enjoying the daily challenges (and joys) of growing as a creative. In addition to this, I also volunteer as a part time art teacher at House of Hope School; a school that caters for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

To eliminate poverty in Africa, through visual arts and application of creative thinking.

To empower myself & other artists to create authentic, Kenyan artwork that tells our story and has a lasting social and economic impact.




Still Life

Still Life

Abstract 1

Abstract 1

Abstract 2

Abstract 2

Typography Potraits

Typography Potraits

18 month plan
I intend to focus on the communications agency and see it grow and sustain itself.Simultaneously, I am applying myself, as a visual artist, into creating artwork for an exhibition in 2018.

Ultimately, my purpose in life is to make an impact in the art world and help mentor younger artists both in digital design and visual arts. I plan to set up an artists’ centre/workshop that will provide a space where creative minds from different disciplines can explore, discover and create. From the output of great work, we will be able to market our art and reap the value of creativity.


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One Response to Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VIII Profiles: Eric Mwangi

  1. Susan Muthoni says:

    Hi, I’m Susan and I love your work, its beautiful. I am a degree holder in commerce but I also love drawing. I was wondering how I can use my talent to do something productive to myself and maybe those around me. Please advice, thanks.

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