Creative Entrepreneurship 2016 Class VIII Profiles: Victor Dzombo Otuoma

Sondeka Festival 2014

Sondeka Festival 2014



Name: Victor Dzombo Otuoma
Occupation: Bass guitarist, songwriter, event organizer
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Social Media Links:

Victor has always been passionate about arts ever since he was young. It started out with drawing in primary school, then poetry in high school (where he also continued drawing) before eventually stumbling upon music, where his heart now lies.

He has been a performing artist since 2012 but took a break from performing in mid-2015. During that period he worked with 3 different bands as a bass guitarist, songwriter and band coordinator, namely, The 63 (an urban pop band that he currently is in ), Siri Kali (an urban pop band) and Posciety (an afro-fusion band). Through the above bands he has been able to grace several festivals and concerts in the country, of notable mention being the Sondeka Festival, Forgotten Furahiday at Sarakasi Dome, Suits and Mics and Pulse Industry Nite.

He currently works with Hope Raisers Initiative as an artist liaison and sound and set up assistant, organizing a monthly music concert known as Music of the People and an annual cultural festival known as Koch Fest, both which take place in the Kariobangi, Korogocho and Baba Dogo areas.

A world with limitless opportunities for every creative.

Provide artists with a platform to develop, market and earn through their talents.

Integrity, innovative-ness, empathy

Victor Dzombo

Music of the People

Music of the People

Koch. Fest. 2016

Koch. Fest. 2016


18 Months Plan
• Enroll for a music production or sound engineering course to acquire the professional skills that the industry requires
• Resume performing as a bass guitarist (with The 63)
• Record and release a song (as The 63)
• Take Music of the People and Koch Fest to the next level and also get them to be recognized nationally/regionally


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