Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Edgar Omondi (Click House)

Profile – Click House



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Creative Enterprise Bio
Click House is a photography entity specialized in commercial and documentary photography. The entity is based in Nairobi, Kenya. The inception of the entity is dated back to 2013 with the aim of providing quality compositions andcreative style Photographed images that speak and evoke emotive response within a specific target audience. Thus, developing a tag line, ‘Click House-Clarity with style.’

The founder of the entity, Edgar Omondi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Media from Daystar University, Nairobi and being passionate about social-cultural activities while still cognizant of the modern-day Africa set up the entity to provide the service to the current opportunities within the service domain and further developed the photography style to also speak social-cultural activities with the first composition being the project AROUND KENYA.

The Around Kenya photo composition project addressed the normal rural lifestyle that is not present in the urban setting. The aim of the project was to bring rural experiences to the urban setting through photography that highlights daily day activities among different people in the rural setting.

Apart from the above-mentioned project Edgar omondi through the photography outfit Click House has been able to conduct several commercial photography projects with different organizations including, Photographic documentation of Transparency communication infrastructure projects (TCIP) World bank funded projects. Image contribution to the development of Collateral Materials for IFMIS, National Treasury, HF GROUP, Vision 2030, CRBC and TUNE HOTEL.

Click House has also been into collaborations with event productions houses and Marketing Agencies such as Professional Marketing Services, Cocoa by Design and eLearning Inc offering services such as event concepts and design, social Media content development (Photography and Videography).

Over the years Click House has managed to expand its services and currently exploring studio concepts photography that can be used in digital media campaigns as designed artworks.

Being an “Urban spirit” the creative inspiration was highly influenced by pop-culture. Since childhood the surrounding in which I was exposed was highly creative. The use of sound and body movement to express myself was something that I date back to 1997 at the age of 7 year where I was able to appeal to a huge crowd with my dancing skills, further in it I was able to undertake my education as a highly talented dancer with recognition in school clubs and even social settings.

During my final years’ in university, I found voice in images and color, arrangement of settings to ensure unique compositions are created in the images that I take. Since then Photography has been part of me as a tool of expression and identity.

Inspire and empower lifestyles in modern Africa through Photography.

To use photography as a tool for documentation and storytelling.







12-18 Months Plan
Complete Registration for a Fully Limited Company
Develop Standard Operating Procedures to guide company operations
Organize for my first ever photo exhibition In Nairobi Kenya
Attain a New client base or leads through Networking activities


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