Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Meshack Mwangi

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Name: Meshack Mwangi
Occupation: Digital Marketer, Event Planner and photographer
Founder: Hepi Media Inc
Location: South B, Trance Towers
Social Media: Facebook: Link
YouTube Channel:

In my idle days after completing high school, radio was my companion. I had a time table for different shows of different radio stations and by luck tuned into Capital Fm. They did a lot of event hype and ticket giveaways and as a loyal fan, I got free tickets to kick me off. I began attending events in 2011 that saw me grow an immense passion for events. My interest led me to asking the organizers if there was, in any way, I could be of help which I did whole heartedly. Started as a volunteer in most organizations (seems like that is the wisest move), and elevated in ranks until today I sit in the table of the organizing committee of some organization and organize my own events in collaboration with other partners.

The money made in the events industry is a lot and I did an online course about event management. My most memorable events that I got involved in were Cheese and wine festival and Octoberfest. In my quest to learn more and more, I joined an NGO by the name of IYF where I trained and pursued Audio and video production under the management of GBS. I was head of broadcasting and was in charge of the World camp in 2015. In 2013, I had won cake festival tickets and spoke with the organizers that I would love to be more involved in the event. They said they would keep in touch which they did and in 2014 I became a volunteer.

I discovered the potential of social media in 2015 and started building my foundation around the digital space. I did a pro-bono online campaign that did extremely well that saw me taking more course revolving around the digital space. I got noticed towards the end of 2015 and was called to be part of the 1st Nairobi Tech Week that took place at Strathmore in the begging of 2016. This led to more visibility and I was the lead digital marketer in the 1st Social Media week Nairobi that took place in KICC. I had built my networks and was constantly doing activation’s and promos.

The birth of Hepi Media inc was to incorporate Events and digital marketing with involvement in production as well. I was a way of getting jobs since corporates didn’t hire ‘individuals’. Apart from that, Meshack as a person is a brand, known as the Events Guru where I cover events in terms of on time-live reporting and photography.

Recording Memories

Recording memories through video and photo, increasing your brands visibility in the online world.



Christmas Cantata

Event Photography




Safaricom Jazz


18 month plan
1. Do a Kenyan tour to showcase our beautiful land then hold an exhibition
2. Set up a studio and hire people
3. Expand my digital company in terms of staff and assignments
4. Work with UN
5. Pursue a course in Business and law (very interesting)


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