Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Simon Odero



Name: Simon Odero
Occupation: Illustrator, Painter, Instructor.
Location: Nairobi
Contacts: +254 720 746 276 |
Social Media: Facebook Page – sienna artworks
Twitter @oderosim

Simon Odero,upon graduation from Kenyatta University, started off by teaching at Creative Art Centre and later, Buruburu Institute of Fine Art. He was lecturing in Textile Science, Textile decoration and Painting. He was also a practicing painter and portrait artist. He sold a few of his works at the Gallery Watatu. He later on moved to the Y.M.C.A National Training Institute as an Art Instructor. While there, he started his own art school, but that flopped. He did paint, with others, the Human Origin Mural at the National Museums of Kenya, Nairobi.

In 2009, He was contracted by Lifewords to do a large number of illustrations. In 2013, he acquired his first Drawing Tablet and started doing Digital Illustrations, doing away with traditional pencil, pen, paper and eraser. He has since done quite a number of illustrations for the Summer Institute of Linguistics, Concern Worldwide, Treasured Designs and a few individuals.

In 2015, he did the mural, Police Uniforms at the Judiciary Museum of the Supreme Court, Nairobi.
In 2016, he stumbled upon his first online illustration work on a site by the name Upwork.
He has participated in exhibitions such as The Affordable Art Show and the Kenya Art Fair.Once in a while, he meddles with graphic design.

He is currently trying to find his footing in the digital world in as far as illustrating, painting and teaching or instructing are concerned. He is also trying to find new ways of selling his paintings and illustrations in the local market.

Making a living off paintings and illustrations that capture the African spirit.

To produce digital illustrations and impressionistic paintings that are fun, original and emotive. To sell and merchandise the same locally and online.


Illustration Collage 1

Illustration Collage II

Illustration Stand Alone

Paintings Collage

18 months plan
• Explore my niche and brand myself.
• Develop a consistent body of work.
• Have a visible digital footprint and self promote on digital media.
• Organize and hold a solo exhibiton.
• Sell and merchandise art online.
• Do videos of my art process and upload the same to YouTube, Facebook, etc.
• Teach both adults and children painting and digital illustration.
• Learn animation


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