Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Erastus Mwonjoria Hinga



Name: Erastus Mwonjoria Hinga
Occupation: Scriptwriter, Poet, Blogger
Location/ Base: Currently located at Githurai 45

Social Media
Facebook: Hinga Mwonjoria
Twitter: @HingaMwonjoria


YouTube Links
Gaterina: Link
Njuka Kahora: Link
Mburuguto: Link

Creative Enterprise Bio
I started off as a poet in 2013 then decided to give my words a voice on stage through performance poetry and spoken word. Spoken word and performance poetry didn’t quite work out for me as I am more of an introvert.

Concurrently, I also started blogging at But it was in 2015 when I attended the Kenya Scriptwriters Guild pioneer workshop and found a home in telling stories through the screen. I have written several kikuyu screenplays that have been produced and aired on Inooro TV. I’m also working on producing my first two short films. The first one, Wounded Rose, is on domestic violence and the second, The Lost Bible, will be a coming of age story of a boy who is almost lured into crime.

A generation that sees beyond the superficial and takes action to uproot the ills in our society.

To tell written and audio-visual stories that encourage and trigger people to think independently and broadly beyond cultural and societal expectations while caring for each other as humans.


From a Chemist to a Poet + Karate Black Belt Holder


Kill Me Oh Queen!

I Do Know

Script Writing


At – link

Interviews featured in: ATV Kenya

12-18 months plan
In the next 12 to 18 months, I hope to have produced my short films. I also hope have mastered screenwriting.
Finally, I hope to commercialize my blog so that I can write full time.


About Njathika

Simply cannot fit in a box
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