Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Jeff Kiplagat

Jeff Kiplagat – Artist Manager, Bass Guitarist and Rhythm Guitarist



Name: Jeff Kiplagat
Occupation: Artist Manager, Bass Guitarist and Rhythm Guitarist.
Location: Nairobi

Social Media:
Facebook: Jeff Kiplagat
Twitter: @_KPLG4T_ (_KPLG4T _)
Instagram: @_KPLG4T_ (_KPLG4T_)

Creative Life Cycle
I developed an interest in music way back in 2004 after my mother enrolled me to start Piano classes in primary school. That was short lived as my interest in Piano died down. My musical ear and mind weren’t tamed after “dropping out” as music played a huge role in my life.

While in high-school, back in in 2010, I picked up the acoustic guitar as I watched the seniors jamming with it and I immediately fell in love with it. I had a chance to form a ‘boy band’ while there and playing in various churches as presentations. After high-school in 2013, I joined the youth worship team at the Nairobi Baptist Church as a Bass Guitarist and I still play there Up-To-Date.

I was introduced to the Kenyan entertainment scene in 2013 when I was asked to play bass for Sauti Academy students. Here I met Natalie Lukkenaer who fueled my passion to become a better instrumentalist and Patrick ‘Ricky’ Nanjero who ended up being my Bass mentor post-Sauti Academy Affiliations.

While being mentored by Ricky, I had the zeal to start my own band, and I formed Le Band early 2014 and took the role of the Bassist. We played on different platforms and that made me appreciate our arts/entertainment industry even more. I left Le Band in 2015 and almost immediately, took on the role of their artist manager. This was just the beginning of a new journey altogether. We gained enough ground as upcoming artists and the learning experience was more painful than it was joyous, so In 2016 I left Le Band and took on other roles and artists. I worked with Prisca Ojwang’ on her last Events of 2016 as her event manager and later Signed up Jemedari (A Talented Rapper and MC) and in June, 2017, I signed up KIU (a Kenyan Female trio) and Dj Curtis.

February 2017, I decided to start my own business; Tronic Entertainment that deals with Artist management, Communications and PR, Music Promotion and distribution, Event organizing and Talent bookings. Behind me, there’s a team of 9 dedicated and talented members who excel in their fields.

Provide more reliable solutions to monetize and offer sustainable business models for a creative’s art form.

Create, build and sustain beneficial relationships that will ensure security in the arts.


Working out the Bass Guitar…


Life of the Gig…

12-18 Month Plan
• Register Tronic Entertainment as a Limited Company.
• Increase Booking and Management clients.
• Gather new opportunities for my clients away from Live Gigs and radio.
• Monetize musicians creative output.


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