Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Yunus Mohammed

Claw Collectables



Name: Yunus Mohammed
Art Discipline:Stylist/Fashion-preneur
Location: Nairobi

Social Media
Instagram Page:

Fashion has been an intrinsic part of my life since my parents co-owned a promotional materials enterprise since I was young and ended learning screen printing during the school holidays and eventually learned how to stitch due to boredom after finishing high school and started my own t-shirt line under the name Next Universe but later had close shop due to the unavailability of quality fabrics at affordable prices.

I finally ended up as a thrifter due to the proximity of the thrift market and the availability of high end fashion and numerous concept materials to work with which led me to settling on being a stylist.

I now co-own a shoe store called Claw Collectables specializing in ladies and occasionally men’s shoes that are rare to find hence the name Claw Collectables.

The acceptance of street-inspired and contemporary fashion into the mainstream fashion scene

to provide thought provoking and personalized fashion items




More Sneakers

Leather Shoes

Open Shoes

Air Walks

18 Months plan
• Collaborate with visual artists in conceptual processes of contemporary designs
• Infuse street art into couture goods
• Re-brand and revamp my clothing line to suite the new fashion terrain defined by ‘fit cut phenomena’
• Venture into the bespoke field of artsy mens and ladies evening and cold season trench and long coats


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