Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Wendi Ndaki Mutisya

Swift Graffiti creating a portrait of Wendi


Wendi Ndaki

Name: Wendi Ndaki Mutisya
Occupations: Digital Marketer, Storyteller through (drawings, words-{blogging} and videos-{animations})
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

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Creative Life-cycle / Bio
My journey as an artist started at a very tender age. I would spend a lot of time watching and drawing cartoons and comic book characters. According to my mother my love for cartoons was one of a kind. She says that I was so glued to the TV that I couldn’t hear the world around me.

My family was very supportive; my mother encouraged my drawing skills by buying me art material like sketch pads and color pencils. My uncle and aunt would also occasionally join me in my art world. I still remember how my uncle would sketch out cars for me and tell me to try and draw them on my own. Those small, simple acts of love and care stuck with me and went a long way in nurturing my artistry.

I still remember how glad I was to see art as part of the courses being offered in St. George’s Girls Secondary School, Nairobi. While in high school, I was so drawn to the art room that due to my constant presence in the room during breaks my art teachers made me the custodian of the art room keys.

I would later be awarded second position drawing category, for a portrait I did for an art competition. That was one of the reasons why I took up portraiture as my main and favorite art form. That along with the fact that I also love working on the human form. I use the pointillism/ dotted art technique on my portraits because although it is a very time consuming technique I find it soothing and my clients seem to love the output more compared to my pencil pieces.

I started blogging in 2015. It was a means to express my introverted self as well as showcase my artwork. I also wanted to use it as a platform to introduce people to other artists and their pieces, as well as talk about animations and how technology is affecting the arts. I would later realize that I actually really enjoyed writing about art, artists and my experiences and thoughts in general. In May 2017 I got accepted to be part of the Storymoja Festival bloggers. I am currently also a member of the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) and the association occasionally shares my work on its social media platforms.

My love for cartoons was the main reason behind discovering my artistic talent. It would later get amplified in United States International University-Africa (USIU-A) where I studied Information Systems Technology a fusion of business and technology. The course helped me realize that I could combine my passion for computers and drawing as well as my deep love for animations and become an animator. The idea of the fusion of art and technology is what inspired my brand name Wendi Art IT.

So late 2016 after graduating from USIU-A, I enrolled for animation classes at Shang Tao Media Arts College where I did a certificate in 3D animation. I intend to use my animation skills for video marketing as well as for creating entertaining educational content and animated movies.

To further these intentions I was fortunate to be part of a free 2 month digital marketing training by Kuza Biashara in partnership with SITA and International Trade Center early this year. I am currently practicing my skills as an animator and digital marketer in Securex Agencies Africa (K) Limited. My journey as an animator and a digital marketer is still in its infancy stage but I believe I am on the right track.

An animation company that believes in the power of stories and contributes to the African society through uplifting animations that tell stories that promote Africa, African artists and encourage timeless learning.

To use video with a focus on animation :-
• To promote African artists through sharing their inspiring life stories,
• To show the artist’s creative processes thus enhancing an appreciation and understanding of the value of artists pieces, and
• To bring artistic pieces like paintings and poetry into life through animations

To enhance timeless learning through
• Heartwarming animated movies that shed a positive light around Africa, are relatable and leave lasting impressions
• Targeted animated tutorials and
• Fun, skill building games.


Fena Gitu-Wendi Art IT

Ice Cube-Wendi Art IT

Portrait by Wendi Art IT

Trevor Noah by Wendi-Art-IT

Yemi Alade Wendi Art IT

18 Month Plan
My 18 month plan revolves around focusing my efforts on improving on my animation and video marketing skills.

I intend to achieve this by:-
• Re-branding
• Formally registering the animation company
• Getting further training in video production with a focus on animation.
• Creating a strong portfolio for video marketing
• Collaborating with other artists within and outside my cohort

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