Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Sarah Ntiro

Name: Sarah Ntiro
Occupation: Visual Artist (acrylic on canvas) and novice Talent Manager
Brand Name: Sama Paints
Instagram: @samapaints

Bio and Life cycle
I was born in an artistic family, my grandfather was as fine artist and an art professor in the early 80’s, my father played in a Jazz band and my mother dabbles in both interior décor as well as landscaping. It was basically inevitable for me to be an artist too.

While I was in university I had two businesses one was a pizza and burger delivery service, I made these for other university students. The second was a jewelry business. This wasn’t intended to be a business; I started making jewelry because I could never find pieces that spoke to me. Everything in the market was very generic thus I made pieces that I would have liked to find. Once I started wearing my work people that I met everywhere wanted to know where I got them and asked to buy them off me. That was basically the start of the Sama Brand.

Oh a little side note: The origin of the name SAMA… Several years ago I was introduced to a Japanese anime series called Bleach (which I got obsessed with). Sama is a more polite version of the word Sensei which basically means teacher when used after a person’s name. I am that weird person that has a lot of information to share so I thought that it would be fitting to call my brand Sama as I love to share knowledge with people.

Sama Paints made its debut in October of 2015 when someone cornered me to make a painting as a donation at a fundraising. The painting that I made sold for Ksh. 5,000. I was genuinely surprised that anyone would want to buy my work let alone for that amount of money. Following that night, I got several requests and thus Sama Paints was born.

Other than canvas paintings, I customize shoes and kiondo backpacks. I am also working with other artists to create a network where artists swap skills and knowledge instead of exchanging cash. We would like to create a platform where one can learn anything without having to spend exorbitantly in formal institutions while there is someone who can teach you practically.

As I build myself as a visual artist one of my main goals is help other artists gain visibility so that the ones that come after Sama paints do not have to go through the heartache and disappointment of not getting the right clientele for their work. One of the activities that I have initiated is being a talent manager. At the moment I am working with two artists, The Heat dealer (Fess Sila) and Beraccah Kisia.

To be the leading organization creating visibility for artists (particularly musical and visual) in their nascent stages of growth by providing a platform for showcasing their work to an art enthusiastic audience.

To ease the struggle that Visual and Musical artists have in getting visibility and sales in the Nairobi market.





sama paints



12-18 PLAN
– Relaunch Sama Affair, and find a regular and popular location to hold the event.
– Ensure that all Sama products are trending by December 2017
– Ensure that talentmanaged by Sama have at least three paying gigs a month
– Register the company name, and go through all the legal processes.


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