Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: William Wamae



Name: William Wamae
Occupation: Actor and Entertainer
Location/base: Nairobi

Social Media or website links
Instagram/Twitter: SirWamae, and
Facebook: William Wamae

Creative Enterprise Bio
William Wamae is an actor, comedian, Emcee, voice artist, scriptwriter and filmmaker based in Nairobi, Kenya. His passion for acting has seen him appear in numerous local films and series such as Mother-in-law, lies that bind and briefcase Inc. He has appeared in the International Netflix series Sense 8 and appeared in Commercials for CBA, Radio Maisha and Google just to name a few. He was also a part of the biggest storytelling show in Nairobi too early for birds and part of the critically acclaimed play we won’t forget that has toured Uganda and Rwanda.

He also appeared in the Academy award qualifying short film watu wote.

He is the founder of Friends of comedy that has allowed him to organize comedy events with him appearing on stage as a stand-up comedian and an improviser. He organized such an event in 2016, Comedy/Improv night with Upright Citizen Brigade (UCB) performer Cara Hayes that was successful in showcasing the growing comedy scene in Nairobi.

His love for script writing has seen him write a short film while still in campus and is currently writing for a comedy program airing on NTV.

He is a graduate of Kenyatta University School of performing and visual arts with a degree in film technology and theatre arts.

Creative Journey

“This is not an occupation for adults” Actor Sir Laurence Olivier

I have always loved performing. Starting with when I was in Sunday school as part of the drama team. It gave me immense joy to be onstage playing a certain character. At the moment I didn’t think acting or performing can be career. That combined with my love to make people laugh meant I was always looking for opportunities to perform. This led me to joining my high school theatre group and with that I got a glimpse of what it means to be an actor and working with other thespians. After high school I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I knew it was important that I listen to my voice and find my purpose. With that in mind I took a year off to find myself and postponed joining campus. I joined Liquid entertainment and got to perform a few plays with them. I had finally found my purpose and was willing to pursue it even further, I joined Kenyatta University’s department of film technology and theatre arts. I used the four years in campus to find my voice and interact with like-minded artists. I was able to write and shoot my first comedy film the interview.Even though I never got to release it because my sound guy lost the sound, I understood what it took for one to produce a film.

I started going for auditions and understanding what it took for one to be a working actor. During the same period I was able to attend David.D.Morin Hollywood master class. Here I learnt about audition etiquette and how to play out a scene for the camera. I enrolled for short courses at Daystar University with Ethnodramatologist Dr. Julisa Rowe. This classes allowed me to interact with industry professionals and my confidence grew as a consequence of working with people that I looked up to.

I’m currently at the domain and public recognition point in my creative life-cycle. Performance is at the core of my work as an artist. Stage productions especially provide me a platform that allows me more control of my material and better interaction with the audience. I want the audience to understand me more as an artist and the different facets that make up my artistry including comedy and improv. This class has come at the right time as it has given me direction in terms of how to achieve my goals. This also includes how I can use the resources at my disposal to create content. I’m thinking of ways I can use digital media to create viewership and do research on consumer preference. As I build myself as a brand I want to use my knowledge to help other artists who might not have this information. I intend to collaborate a lot and work with artists even from other different fields and see what I gain from them and vice versa.

Improve the quality of life of my audience through my performances.

To entertain and educate the audience through good productions bringing together like-minded artists.



On Stage


12-18 month plan
– Register my company and sign a contract with my current talent.
– Producing my one man show. This means having the monologues and pieces in the next three months.
– Producing a stand-up comedy gig with my fellow comedian
– Writing a full 13 episode TV series
– Tour with my production


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