Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Fundi Frank

Frundi Frank Design Logo



Mame: Fundi Frank
Occupation: Fashion Designer, stylist, Music Artiste, Events organizer and MC

Social Media Footprint
Instagram @fundifrank
Twitter- @fundifrank, and
Facebook – Fundi Frank

Creative Life cycle
The name Fundi means an expert in Kiswahili. I was born in Kitale and later moved to Mombasa after my parents passed away and we had to go and live with my auntie. I loved drawing plus arts and crafts. My elder Brother David was the best toy maker in our hood and I acquired the skills from him. He also used to modify his clothes by re-designing them at the local tailors and stencil- printing using shoe polish. I became a break dancer and rapper – MC Frank.

I later changed to Fundi Frank to suit the Swahili rap that I pioneered with a friend called Buda Boaz. I started designing our own stage attire in order to stand out during jam session competitions and to also emulate our American rap role models like LL Cool J, Run D.M.C and others.

People loved the clothes and started ordering them. I used design and embroider using a domestic sewing machine and a tailor called Alfani in the Likoni area used to do the tailoring. I later moved to Nairobi at the behest of my then close friend the late Poxy Presha in 1998.

By designing for Poxy who was then one of the biggest artists, I got to make friends and design for the other than emerging big stars like Hardstone and Kalamashaka. Through them and others like Jimmy Gathu I quickly made a name for myself and the demand for my clothes grew. I set up a small workshop in South C, Mugoya estate where I met the late E-Sir,Big Pin, Nameless and many other artistes.

I later moved my work shop to Baricho road when my business expanded. I decided to close in 2008 after the post elections violence had disrupted my business and the new building owner had evacuated everyone. I switched to sub-contracting orders to my former tailors that I use to date and others depending on type and quantities of the orders.

To conquer the world through fashion one stitch at a time.

To elevate contemporary African fashion to make it gain more worldwide recognition, respect and acceptance.


Wearing own design

Fundi Frank Design | Photo by Dave

Look, Fundi Frank Design…

Fundi Frank Wear Design Collage

12-18 Months Plan
-To set up a modern factory for manufacturing clothing merchandise especially the cooperate world.
-To launch the Fundi Frank Kenyan logo brand and have items retailing in the local and international markets.


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