Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Richard Mwendwa

On the One’s & Two’s



Name: Richard Mwendwa
Occupation/Field in the Artistic Disciplines: Actor, Disk Jockey and Theatre Technician
Location / Base: Nairobi
Social Media
Facebook: Richie Mwendwa
Contact: rmwendwa-at-gmail[dot]com

Richie graduated from the Nairobi Theatre academy in 1992. He started The Storytellers theatre group immediately after. He then got interested by Keith Pearson in theatre technical work and became a main technician for theatre groups and contemporary dance companies (eg la compagn ie gaara and dance into space)- at Alliance Francaise and the Godown art Centre. The culmination of which was being the tech in charge of receiving the sound after the refurbishment of the Kenya Cultural Centre

Richie got a passion for disc jockeying when installing lights for Safari park hotels dance group safari cats when he had to mix the songs for the acrobatic shows. he has since played at Bubbles discotheque, the Galileo’s members club, the Club pavement, Archivos, Banditos, Casablanca and theTree House. He became interested in francophone music and has been the resident Bastille Day DJ for five years.

He aims to start a company offering conferencing solutions.

Improve the conference going experience.

To make a company that has the best audio visual equipment and technicians.


Opening of the KNT: HE Pres. Uhuru Kenyatta and the then Director Aghan Odero (with me in the foreground)

Executing an Event

18 Months Plan
Register a company offering conferencing solutions


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