Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Pauline (Poppy) Muindi

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Pauline (Poppy) Muindi

Name: Pauline (Poppy) Muindi
Occupation: Writer, Journalist, Poet
Location: Nairobi
Social media links
Twitter: @poppymuindi
Instagram: @Poppymuindi
Facebook: Poppy

Creative Enterprise Bio
Writer, Journalist, Poet

Artist Bio
I have six years’ experience working as a journalist in Kenya. I have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communication from Daystar University, from where I graduated in 2012. Currently, I work for The Standard newspaper where contribute a weekly beauty column and also frequent in-depth investigative features. My writing is intimate, giving the reader a close-up look of the subject and evoking empathy. I like to believe that despite superficial differences, human beings are all the same underneath.

When I’m not writing journalistic pieces, I invest my time in writing creative fiction, poetry, and screenplays. I would describe my creative writing as deeply poetic, whimsical, and ambitious.

My Creative Life cycle
Like most writers, I fell in love with the expressiveness of English language at an early age. I remember borrowing every book in my class library and devouring its words like sacraments. I marveled at how the written word could transport you to worlds beyond your own. When I was 10, I realized that I wanted to be a writer. How, you ask? Well, my English teacher loved my compositions and would regularly show them off to other teachers and pupils. That is enough to put ideas into a young mind! I read everything I could get my hands on: newspapers, magazines, storybooks, poetry, novels… everything. So here we are… I’m living 10 year-old me’s dream.

When it came to choosing a degree to pursue, I went for Communication. It was the closest thing I could find to what I really wanted- a creative writing degree. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from Daystar University in 2012. I loved the idea of writing features as opposed to hard news- it was where I could marry my creative writing with my training as a journalist to highlight social issues and biographical stories.

My first internship was at Kenya News Agency, followed by one at Carole Mandi Media (The publisher of True Love and Drum magazines) in 2011. I later served both magazines as a staff writer, a position which had me horn my skills as a feature writer and editor. Seeking to explore more opportunities and grow my career, I left Carole Mandi Media in 2014. Thereafter, I contributed co magazines like East Africa Destination, Couture Africa, Healthy Woman, and MALE. I later got a staff writer position at Healthy Woman magazine, a position which I held till February 2017.

Since then, I work as a correspondent for The Standard.

My creative writing (short stories, screenplay, and poetry) is still young. I am planning to focus on it more in the near future and hopefully get published/ produced.

Authentically told Kenyan and stories that showcase Africa on the local and global scene

To write the best of Kenya’s investigative features, short stories, poems, and screenplays which capture the experiences of my era. I will do this by consistently writing well-researched and in-depth features, stories and screenplays with relatable and well-developed characters, and deeply emotional and insightful poems.

Diligence, Integrity, Authenticity

Links to some of my writing with SDE

18-month plan
• Write and produce the pilot of a TV show
• Write at least one complete season of a TV show and pitch it to the local TV stations.
• Publish at least one poetry book or a chap book.
• Write about 10 short stories and package them into an anthology.
• Always be on the lookout for awards and competitions I can apply for (both as a journalist and a creative fiction and poetry writer to advance my career)
• Plan and utilize my time better to focus on my creative writing pursuits.


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