Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Richard Mwendwa

On the One’s & Two’s



Name: Richard Mwendwa
Occupation/Field in the Artistic Disciplines: Actor, Disk Jockey and Theatre Technician
Location / Base: Nairobi
Social Media
Facebook: Richie Mwendwa
Contact: rmwendwa-at-gmail[dot]com

Richie graduated from the Nairobi Theatre academy in 1992. He started The Storytellers theatre group immediately after. He then got interested by Keith Pearson in theatre technical work and became a main technician for theatre groups and contemporary dance companies (eg la compagn ie gaara and dance into space)- at Alliance Francaise and the Godown art Centre. The culmination of which was being the tech in charge of receiving the sound after the refurbishment of the Kenya Cultural Centre

Richie got a passion for disc jockeying when installing lights for Safari park hotels dance group safari cats when he had to mix the songs for the acrobatic shows. he has since played at Bubbles discotheque, the Galileo’s members club, the Club pavement, Archivos, Banditos, Casablanca and theTree House. He became interested in francophone music and has been the resident Bastille Day DJ for five years.

He aims to start a company offering conferencing solutions.

Improve the conference going experience.

To make a company that has the best audio visual equipment and technicians.


Opening of the KNT: HE Pres. Uhuru Kenyatta and the then Director Aghan Odero (with me in the foreground)

Executing an Event

18 Months Plan
Register a company offering conferencing solutions

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Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Nyambura Ngugi V. aka the Veon


the Veon

Name: Nyambura Ngugi V. aka the Veon
Occupations: Writer, blogger.
Base: Nairobi


Social media
Facebook Page: theVeon
Twitter: @theVeon ( )
Instagram: @theveon_ ( )

Creative Enterprise Bio
Nyambura Ngugi is a writer, blogger, performing poet and in her capacity as a blogger has also worked a digital influencer.

Nyambura’s passion for writing has been manifested in three main ways; as a reporter, a blogger and poet.
As a reporter, Nyambura has written for UP Nairobi where she wrote on the entertainment scene in Nairobi and covered events. Additionally, she has written for Whats Good Networks, ( Hapa Kenya, ( ) among others.

Nyambura was the featured poet in the June 2017 edition of Kwani? Open Mic, Nairobi’s longest running open mic platform.

On the blogging scene, Nyambura set up her blog in 2015. The blog went on to garner a SOMA Awards Nomination for the best New Blog. She has additionally ghost | guest blogged for Brands such as Coke Studio, Spire Bank, KAPS, Internet Solutions, Telkom Kenya amongst others.

Creative Journey | Life-cycle
Nyambura was born into a family of book lovers and had no other option to love books herself. In the evenings, when they had run out of books to read, Nyambura and her siblings would take turns narrating stories to each other. The plots were heavily borrowed from the books they had been reading. It was all great fun, however, Nyambura constantly felt like her stories were weaker compared to those told by her older siblings. To solve this problem, Nyambura decided to start writing hers down, with the plan to work with them using an eraser and gradually improving on them. This worked and it no longer was something Nyambura did to outshine her sibling, she now did it for fun.

In class 3, Nyambura interviewed at a boarding school and was successful. In boarding school she was introduced to more books, more writers and poetry. She gravitated towards poetry, and for a time ditched writing prose for poetry.

Her love for poetry stuck through, but it wasn’t untilhigh school that she finally cashed in on it. On her second year of high school, she wrote a dramatized choral versefor the drama festivals and directed the performance piece. The piece advanced up to the District level. This motivated Nyambura to start writing for the ‘own composition’ classes during the music festivals in the second term. Nyambura went on to write for the music festivals throughout high school. It was clear to her that Nyambura wanted to pursue a career in writing.

Following writing her KCSE examinations, Nyambura pursued a degree in Print Journalism, at the Multi Media University of Kenya. During her campus years, Nyambura wrote for Hapa Kenya and UP Nairobi. At HapaKenya, Nyambura majored in business writing while at Up Nairobi, Nyambura specialized in entertainment news, profiles and event reportage.

During that same period, Nyambura set up a free blog for her poetry. In 2015, she bought the domain and advanced into creative writing. In the same year the blog was nominated for a SOMA Award for Best New Blog. Following the nomination, Nyambura was contracted by Coke Studio, via BAKE, to create content for their blog.

Nyambura cites most of her influences to be local writers. She met a majority of her network via the Storymoja Bloggers program. She participated in the program through 2014 and 2015. Another big achievement for Nyambura, during that time was the shortlisting and publication of her poem in the BN Poetry Prize Anthology, ‘A Thousand Voices Rising’.

Immediately after campus, Nyambura worked with What’s Good Networks creating structures and inaugural content for their lifestyle channel. Following the expiration of her contract with What’s Good Studios, Nyambura joined Alternative Agency where she is lead content creator; creating blog content for the agency’s brands such as Spire Bank, Internet Solutions, KAPS amongst others. She recently curated profles for Telkom Kenya during their 2017 relaunch from Orange. Additionally, Nyambura edits text and produces content.

Nyambura also works independently as a digital influencer for lifestyle brands.

Nyambura feels that she is currently between her formative stage and recognition in her domain. While she has received recognition from players in her field, her style is still developing. She hopes to work on this by collaborating with fellow writers met in the class.

Improve the quality of everyday life by telling it as an outstanding story.

To entertain, inspire and educate her audience through storytelling.



Veon Performance

12-18 month plan
1. Launch a subdomain that curates books and the reading culture in Kenya.
2. Flesh out and begin writing her debut anthology.
3. Delve into video as a storytelling medium.

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Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Fundi Frank

Frundi Frank Design Logo



Mame: Fundi Frank
Occupation: Fashion Designer, stylist, Music Artiste, Events organizer and MC

Social Media Footprint
Instagram @fundifrank
Twitter- @fundifrank, and
Facebook – Fundi Frank

Creative Life cycle
The name Fundi means an expert in Kiswahili. I was born in Kitale and later moved to Mombasa after my parents passed away and we had to go and live with my auntie. I loved drawing plus arts and crafts. My elder Brother David was the best toy maker in our hood and I acquired the skills from him. He also used to modify his clothes by re-designing them at the local tailors and stencil- printing using shoe polish. I became a break dancer and rapper – MC Frank.

I later changed to Fundi Frank to suit the Swahili rap that I pioneered with a friend called Buda Boaz. I started designing our own stage attire in order to stand out during jam session competitions and to also emulate our American rap role models like LL Cool J, Run D.M.C and others.

People loved the clothes and started ordering them. I used design and embroider using a domestic sewing machine and a tailor called Alfani in the Likoni area used to do the tailoring. I later moved to Nairobi at the behest of my then close friend the late Poxy Presha in 1998.

By designing for Poxy who was then one of the biggest artists, I got to make friends and design for the other than emerging big stars like Hardstone and Kalamashaka. Through them and others like Jimmy Gathu I quickly made a name for myself and the demand for my clothes grew. I set up a small workshop in South C, Mugoya estate where I met the late E-Sir,Big Pin, Nameless and many other artistes.

I later moved my work shop to Baricho road when my business expanded. I decided to close in 2008 after the post elections violence had disrupted my business and the new building owner had evacuated everyone. I switched to sub-contracting orders to my former tailors that I use to date and others depending on type and quantities of the orders.

To conquer the world through fashion one stitch at a time.

To elevate contemporary African fashion to make it gain more worldwide recognition, respect and acceptance.


Wearing own design

Fundi Frank Design | Photo by Dave

Look, Fundi Frank Design…

Fundi Frank Wear Design Collage

12-18 Months Plan
-To set up a modern factory for manufacturing clothing merchandise especially the cooperate world.
-To launch the Fundi Frank Kenyan logo brand and have items retailing in the local and international markets.

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Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: William Wamae



Name: William Wamae
Occupation: Actor and Entertainer
Location/base: Nairobi

Social Media or website links
Instagram/Twitter: SirWamae, and
Facebook: William Wamae

Creative Enterprise Bio
William Wamae is an actor, comedian, Emcee, voice artist, scriptwriter and filmmaker based in Nairobi, Kenya. His passion for acting has seen him appear in numerous local films and series such as Mother-in-law, lies that bind and briefcase Inc. He has appeared in the International Netflix series Sense 8 and appeared in Commercials for CBA, Radio Maisha and Google just to name a few. He was also a part of the biggest storytelling show in Nairobi too early for birds and part of the critically acclaimed play we won’t forget that has toured Uganda and Rwanda.

He also appeared in the Academy award qualifying short film watu wote.

He is the founder of Friends of comedy that has allowed him to organize comedy events with him appearing on stage as a stand-up comedian and an improviser. He organized such an event in 2016, Comedy/Improv night with Upright Citizen Brigade (UCB) performer Cara Hayes that was successful in showcasing the growing comedy scene in Nairobi.

His love for script writing has seen him write a short film while still in campus and is currently writing for a comedy program airing on NTV.

He is a graduate of Kenyatta University School of performing and visual arts with a degree in film technology and theatre arts.

Creative Journey

“This is not an occupation for adults” Actor Sir Laurence Olivier

I have always loved performing. Starting with when I was in Sunday school as part of the drama team. It gave me immense joy to be onstage playing a certain character. At the moment I didn’t think acting or performing can be career. That combined with my love to make people laugh meant I was always looking for opportunities to perform. This led me to joining my high school theatre group and with that I got a glimpse of what it means to be an actor and working with other thespians. After high school I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I knew it was important that I listen to my voice and find my purpose. With that in mind I took a year off to find myself and postponed joining campus. I joined Liquid entertainment and got to perform a few plays with them. I had finally found my purpose and was willing to pursue it even further, I joined Kenyatta University’s department of film technology and theatre arts. I used the four years in campus to find my voice and interact with like-minded artists. I was able to write and shoot my first comedy film the interview.Even though I never got to release it because my sound guy lost the sound, I understood what it took for one to produce a film.

I started going for auditions and understanding what it took for one to be a working actor. During the same period I was able to attend David.D.Morin Hollywood master class. Here I learnt about audition etiquette and how to play out a scene for the camera. I enrolled for short courses at Daystar University with Ethnodramatologist Dr. Julisa Rowe. This classes allowed me to interact with industry professionals and my confidence grew as a consequence of working with people that I looked up to.

I’m currently at the domain and public recognition point in my creative life-cycle. Performance is at the core of my work as an artist. Stage productions especially provide me a platform that allows me more control of my material and better interaction with the audience. I want the audience to understand me more as an artist and the different facets that make up my artistry including comedy and improv. This class has come at the right time as it has given me direction in terms of how to achieve my goals. This also includes how I can use the resources at my disposal to create content. I’m thinking of ways I can use digital media to create viewership and do research on consumer preference. As I build myself as a brand I want to use my knowledge to help other artists who might not have this information. I intend to collaborate a lot and work with artists even from other different fields and see what I gain from them and vice versa.

Improve the quality of life of my audience through my performances.

To entertain and educate the audience through good productions bringing together like-minded artists.



On Stage


12-18 month plan
– Register my company and sign a contract with my current talent.
– Producing my one man show. This means having the monologues and pieces in the next three months.
– Producing a stand-up comedy gig with my fellow comedian
– Writing a full 13 episode TV series
– Tour with my production

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Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Leo Mativo




Name: Leo Mativo
Occupation: Visual artist (Painter, Photographer, Graphic Designer)
Location: Syokimau

Social Media
Facebook Page: Mativo Visual Arts

YouTube Channel: Leo Mativo

Creative Journey

Creative Journey- Leo Mativo

Create timeless visual arts; to be enjoyed now and time to come in the same intensity.

To create an intense experience through my visual works.


Conceptual Work collage

Photography by LEO

Portraiture by LEO

12-18 Months Plan
– Develop a website
– Start Vlogging
– Exhibit secret works I’ve been working on in a gallery
– Grow my Photography and Graphic Design Practice
– Move my studio from home to a more public space
– Collaborate with other exciting creatives
– Visit a Gallery/Art institution/Space every week

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Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Gathoni Kinuthia



Name: Gathoni Kinuthia.
Occupation: Writer, Editor and Blogger
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Social media links
Facebook: @gathoniwrites
Twitter: @gathoniwrites
Instagram: @gathoniwrites

Creative Enterprise Bio
I am a writer, editor and blogger. I have been writing for most of my life. I began editing an African storytelling site in September last year and have been blogging for more than two years.

Artist Bio
Crime got me into writing.
No, really it did.

As an imaginative seventeen year old,I was fascinated by the lifestyle of Matheri, who terrorised residents of Gachie for a long while. I wrote this story for my composition class and my teacher of English at the time, took it upon himself to read it to every class he taught in. This was the first indication that I could write better than most and I have kept doing it over the years.

It is this interest in stories that nudged me to consider mass communication as a choice for my university studies. I graduated from Jomo Kenyatta University in 2015 then took on a Masters’ degree in Corporate Communication.

My Creative Life cycle
I am at the finding voice stage of my creative life cycle. I started off by writing news articles for Kenya News Agency and then moved on to writing copy for friends’ blogs and websites.I have contributed to numerous publications, websites and blogs over the years.

In 2015, an online magazine invited me to write for their website regularly and I continue to do that to date.

In that same year, I took on volunteer work with a social enterprise which was teaching kids how to code, and wrote a blog post for them. This story was spotted by the Co-Founder of Kasoma Africa who invited me to contribute their storytelling platform. It is on this platform that I have been able to develop my editing skills for people who read, write and share African stories. I talked about it in a recent interview with the Daily Nation.

This contribution to the arts has seen me interact with my peers in festivals and writing masterclasses. I have also taken part in conversations both online and offline on issues affecting the arts scene in my country.

At the moment, my writing is at a turning point. I enjoy writing fiction and wrote my debut young adult novel ‘Walvis Bay’ in 2016 during the National Novel Writing Month. I pulled an excerpt from it.

An excerpt from Walvis Bay

I believe that to move from one stage of life cycle to the next there has to be a shift in how you do things. This class has given me the knowledge to focus on my craft and cut the noise. With this foundation I can work towards having a sustainable career in the creative sector.

To write contemporary African literature for young adult short stories and novels

Tocreate reading experiences immersed in relatable popular culture and entertainment.

Authenticity, Resilience and Contentment


Daily Nation Excerpt

Inversk Magazine Excerpt

Nia Teen Excerpt

Nia Teen Excerpt 2

My writing over the years: (links)

18-months plan
– Rewrite my (yet to be published) novel.
– Successfully complete the University of Iowa Summer Writing Class for Poems and Plays
– Create and produce more video content for my YouTube channel.

Portrait photo by Steve of Light In Captivity

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Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Mwihaki Muraguri



Name: Mwihaki Muraguri
Art Practice: Writer/Storyteller/Moderator
Base: Nairobi

Online Footprint

Social Media
Paukwa Stories on Facebook – link
YouTube Channel: Link

Creative Enterprise Bio

Tell me what are the prevailing sentiments that occupy the minds of your young men, and I will tell you what is to be the character of the next generation”. ~ Edmund Burke

Whether Achilles or Lwanda Magere, heroes have always shaped our ideals. Storytelling remains a channel to influence values. What if we could document and share what it means to be a nation builder in Kenyan society guided by a positive values framework? Capturing stories of ordinary people who show up for Kenya: doctors, civil servants who fight corruption, community activists, tech innovators, women’s’ groups, entrepreneurs. Everyday champions with untold stories. What if we used these stories to build new aspirational role models for children during their formative years? Societal norms are forged in different ways and there is an opportunity to revamp perceptions on what represents success. The goal of Paukwa is to reframe the way Kenyan children think of their future, their opportunities, and what is possible from the current overwhelming negative view to a positive one.

Documenting and sharing stories of ‘the nation building Kenyan down the road’ using digital media, building this as an open source platform that users can integrate with, forward, share, publish on their own social media sites, use as content for local radio or TV stations or air in public transport, is the vision for how the distribution will take place.

Paukwa is at design stage with the platform and an accompanying schools program under development. The first active step has been the establishment of a community on Facebook that is one element of distributing these stories.

If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Creative Journey/Life-cycle
I began a journey about a year ago to bring to life an idea that I have to use storytelling as a tool for social change. Paukwa is a Swahili word that is the traditional call of the storyteller, and in this modern interpretation is an open platform dedicated to capturing, collecting and curating positive stories about Kenya.

The underlying hypothesis that drives Paukwa is an awareness that social identity and norms are shaped by what we see, emulate and aspire to on a daily basis. Whether implicit or explicit, media shapes our heroes and research shows that current media is negatively skewing what are considered acceptable or aspirational social norms in Kenya.

While I have designed, developed and run social progress projects for the majority of my career, it has always been from the relative comfort of an institution with a structure, an existing brand, with social capital that could be used to unlock and influence partnerships. I am currently in a very different place where everything has to be built from scratch without the benefit of an already established institutional framework.

I’m moving into a new area of practice – digital media and storytelling and I appreciate that I need to gain insights into how to make that transition productive. So in essence I consider myself at the formative stage of the creative (and entrepreneurial!) life cycle.

Paukwa as an interactive national story platform that is an archive of the positive spirit of Kenya’s people, products, places and projects that inspires young people towards re-imagined positive national identity.

Collect, curate and distribute positive Kenyan stories to inspire hope, and contribute to a positive national identity.


Boy Vs Sea

The one thing

Snippets from Paukwa Stories

He’s on a mission to save the Nyatiti
Rapasa Nyatrapasa Rapwapwa’s journey didn’t start as that. He just knew he enjoyed playing the instrument whenever he would travel upcountry from his home in Nairobi, and he wanted to learn everything about the eight stringed instrument that is synonymous with musical sound in western Kenya and eastern Uganda. When he would go to shags as a young boy some people in the village tried to dissuade the Nairobi boy from his interest because “nyatiti players didn’t amount to anything but villagers”.

More, here

12 months plan
By end of 2017:
a. Undertake market research with schools to enrol into the programme
b. Post a story a week on the Facebook platform
c. Kickstart a writer’s community to collate stories from across the Kenya
d. Build a searchable website for stories
e. Finalise on digital marketing strategy
f. Design/Implementation plan complete for school rollout programme with identified schools signed up
g. Fundraising for the Schools platform

First Half of 2018
h. Digital Story telling community targets achieved
i. Pilot phase in Schools under implementation
j. Archiving and data management partnerships in place.
k. Marketing strategy to build momentum for Paukwa uptake activated

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Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Isaac Miriri

Nairobi Arts: ( Header Shot



Name: Isaac Miriri
Occupation: Founder and Publisher
Location: Nairobi

Creative Enterprise Bio
The is a one-stop shop for arts information in Nairobi and Kenya.

It’s the guide to finding original contemporary African art … arts and crafts … bronzes … African gifts and more.
We endeavor to guide people on where to find the relevant visual arts, artists … art and cultural organizations … galleries and art centers … artists’collectives … and more.

Hence the comes in to satisfy the need for arts information and a guide into the Kenya arts.

Creative Life-cycle
I have been within the arts in Nairobi as a photographer and writer since 2005.

It wasn’t always this way … I changed careers midlife, from electrical installation work to photography and freelance journalism.

I started by enrolling for a long distance photography course with the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP).
I bought my first film camera then.

Once that was on I met some photographer friend who was doing events photography … but geared towards selling the photos to individuals attending the event (paparazzi) and not as the official event photographer.

I hated that with a passion … I had this different idea about some other sort of photography.

Within the same time I started contemplating about writing … especially where I didn’t have to go on location to do the kind of work that photography entailed.

Connections within the Arts Industry
Around the same year I went into photography I started attending art events in Nairobi.

These were art exhibitions, music concerts, and whatever else art event was available.

This helped in making connections within the arts industry.

It’s also the time I met Christian Randrianampifazy … the then Deputy Director of Alliance Française in Nairobi.
He was taking photos in an art exhibition there. We connected immediately.
We later went on to work together in the Kenya Month of Photography project that took place there for several years.

The project was his brainchild. I participated in it as an organizer together with a few other local photographers.
We introduced monthly photo critique forums and activities that culminated in month long photography exhibitions in June each year.
And photography workshops that catered for amateur photographers … and an advanced one that catered mainly for professional photographers.
We worked with different curators and photographers within this period.

Work With Various Artists and Organizations
I worked closely with art photographer James Muriuki in the 2010 Kenya Month of Photography Exhibition. He curated the Sustain-Ability Photo Installation.

I’ve also worked with him and his partner, visual artist Syowia Kyambi helping with some of their various art projects.

We worked together in their ‘Layers Art Exhibition’ that showed at the Nairobi National Museum in December 2012.
I worked closely with Syowia during her ‘Between Us Art Installation’ that took place at the GoDown Arts Centre in June – July of 2014.

I also worked with Ogova Ondego in the Lola Kenya Screen Film Festival for the Youths and Children for several years.
This was during the August festival and the monthly Lola Kenya Screen Film forums at the Goethe Institut Nairobi.

I also worked with Harsita Waters, Anne Wamai and others of the Alliance Française in Nairobi.

I have worked with foreign artists, photographers and journalists in various capacities.

Writing About the Arts in Nairobi
Sometime after starting my photography journey … I enrolled in a Freelance Journalism Course with the Writers Bureau of Manchester City.
This was a result of being in the arts and wanting to do something different that could include photography for my articles on the arts.
I’ve previously published articles about the arts in the People Daily Newspaper, and
I’m currently involved with creating content for the arts website that brings together the arts information in Nairobi.
I previously created my first information website it carries information about Kenya.

Inform and entertain through arts

The mission of the is to be one of Kenya’s leading providers of information and entertainment about the arts in the country.

Using the online space for content delivery through the written word … photography, and video.


Guys looking at a Joseph Bertiers Painting depicting the Kenya political power sharing eventof 2008 at the Goethe Institut Nairobi

Walter Lindner – the then German Ambassador to Kenya viewing a Joseph Bertiers Painting depicting the Kenya political power sharing eventof 2008 at the Goethe Institut Nairobi

A lady admiring paintings – ‘Nairobi Catwalkers’ – mixed media on canvas by MaryAnn Muthoni and ‘Feeling the Butterflies’ – oil on canvas by Peter Elungat exhibiting at the Alliance Française in Nairobi

Performance during the KigeziNdoto: A Hook For Dreams Musical at the Alliance Française de Nairobi

Kenyan Musician Suzanna Owiyo playing Nyatiti – 8 stringed African Musical Instrument of the Luo community of Kenya at the Alliance Française in Nairobi

Kenyan Musician Suzanna Owiyo holding Nyatiti – 8 stringed African Musical Instrument of the Luo community of Kenya with Aly Keita – Exceptional Balafon Player and Musician at the Alliance Française in Nairobi

All the photos are by Isaac Miriri.

18 Month Plan
• Make the go-to place for relevant information about the Nairobi Arts
• Make it a leading arts guide for the Kenya Visual Arts
• Document the arts within these current times
• The Creative Entrepreneurship Course have helped shape the journey of the

There are some seemingly small and mundane steps that go into making this creative venture a success.
These are some of the things that I’m embarking on going forward.

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Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Sarah Ntiro

Name: Sarah Ntiro
Occupation: Visual Artist (acrylic on canvas) and novice Talent Manager
Brand Name: Sama Paints
Instagram: @samapaints

Bio and Life cycle
I was born in an artistic family, my grandfather was as fine artist and an art professor in the early 80’s, my father played in a Jazz band and my mother dabbles in both interior décor as well as landscaping. It was basically inevitable for me to be an artist too.

While I was in university I had two businesses one was a pizza and burger delivery service, I made these for other university students. The second was a jewelry business. This wasn’t intended to be a business; I started making jewelry because I could never find pieces that spoke to me. Everything in the market was very generic thus I made pieces that I would have liked to find. Once I started wearing my work people that I met everywhere wanted to know where I got them and asked to buy them off me. That was basically the start of the Sama Brand.

Oh a little side note: The origin of the name SAMA… Several years ago I was introduced to a Japanese anime series called Bleach (which I got obsessed with). Sama is a more polite version of the word Sensei which basically means teacher when used after a person’s name. I am that weird person that has a lot of information to share so I thought that it would be fitting to call my brand Sama as I love to share knowledge with people.

Sama Paints made its debut in October of 2015 when someone cornered me to make a painting as a donation at a fundraising. The painting that I made sold for Ksh. 5,000. I was genuinely surprised that anyone would want to buy my work let alone for that amount of money. Following that night, I got several requests and thus Sama Paints was born.

Other than canvas paintings, I customize shoes and kiondo backpacks. I am also working with other artists to create a network where artists swap skills and knowledge instead of exchanging cash. We would like to create a platform where one can learn anything without having to spend exorbitantly in formal institutions while there is someone who can teach you practically.

As I build myself as a visual artist one of my main goals is help other artists gain visibility so that the ones that come after Sama paints do not have to go through the heartache and disappointment of not getting the right clientele for their work. One of the activities that I have initiated is being a talent manager. At the moment I am working with two artists, The Heat dealer (Fess Sila) and Beraccah Kisia.

To be the leading organization creating visibility for artists (particularly musical and visual) in their nascent stages of growth by providing a platform for showcasing their work to an art enthusiastic audience.

To ease the struggle that Visual and Musical artists have in getting visibility and sales in the Nairobi market.





sama paints



12-18 PLAN
– Relaunch Sama Affair, and find a regular and popular location to hold the event.
– Ensure that all Sama products are trending by December 2017
– Ensure that talentmanaged by Sama have at least three paying gigs a month
– Register the company name, and go through all the legal processes.

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Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Wendi Ndaki Mutisya

Swift Graffiti creating a portrait of Wendi


Wendi Ndaki

Name: Wendi Ndaki Mutisya
Occupations: Digital Marketer, Storyteller through (drawings, words-{blogging} and videos-{animations})
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Social Media:
Facebook ,
Twitter .

URL Link to the Cover Photo

Creative Life-cycle / Bio
My journey as an artist started at a very tender age. I would spend a lot of time watching and drawing cartoons and comic book characters. According to my mother my love for cartoons was one of a kind. She says that I was so glued to the TV that I couldn’t hear the world around me.

My family was very supportive; my mother encouraged my drawing skills by buying me art material like sketch pads and color pencils. My uncle and aunt would also occasionally join me in my art world. I still remember how my uncle would sketch out cars for me and tell me to try and draw them on my own. Those small, simple acts of love and care stuck with me and went a long way in nurturing my artistry.

I still remember how glad I was to see art as part of the courses being offered in St. George’s Girls Secondary School, Nairobi. While in high school, I was so drawn to the art room that due to my constant presence in the room during breaks my art teachers made me the custodian of the art room keys.

I would later be awarded second position drawing category, for a portrait I did for an art competition. That was one of the reasons why I took up portraiture as my main and favorite art form. That along with the fact that I also love working on the human form. I use the pointillism/ dotted art technique on my portraits because although it is a very time consuming technique I find it soothing and my clients seem to love the output more compared to my pencil pieces.

I started blogging in 2015. It was a means to express my introverted self as well as showcase my artwork. I also wanted to use it as a platform to introduce people to other artists and their pieces, as well as talk about animations and how technology is affecting the arts. I would later realize that I actually really enjoyed writing about art, artists and my experiences and thoughts in general. In May 2017 I got accepted to be part of the Storymoja Festival bloggers. I am currently also a member of the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) and the association occasionally shares my work on its social media platforms.

My love for cartoons was the main reason behind discovering my artistic talent. It would later get amplified in United States International University-Africa (USIU-A) where I studied Information Systems Technology a fusion of business and technology. The course helped me realize that I could combine my passion for computers and drawing as well as my deep love for animations and become an animator. The idea of the fusion of art and technology is what inspired my brand name Wendi Art IT.

So late 2016 after graduating from USIU-A, I enrolled for animation classes at Shang Tao Media Arts College where I did a certificate in 3D animation. I intend to use my animation skills for video marketing as well as for creating entertaining educational content and animated movies.

To further these intentions I was fortunate to be part of a free 2 month digital marketing training by Kuza Biashara in partnership with SITA and International Trade Center early this year. I am currently practicing my skills as an animator and digital marketer in Securex Agencies Africa (K) Limited. My journey as an animator and a digital marketer is still in its infancy stage but I believe I am on the right track.

An animation company that believes in the power of stories and contributes to the African society through uplifting animations that tell stories that promote Africa, African artists and encourage timeless learning.

To use video with a focus on animation :-
• To promote African artists through sharing their inspiring life stories,
• To show the artist’s creative processes thus enhancing an appreciation and understanding of the value of artists pieces, and
• To bring artistic pieces like paintings and poetry into life through animations

To enhance timeless learning through
• Heartwarming animated movies that shed a positive light around Africa, are relatable and leave lasting impressions
• Targeted animated tutorials and
• Fun, skill building games.


Fena Gitu-Wendi Art IT

Ice Cube-Wendi Art IT

Portrait by Wendi Art IT

Trevor Noah by Wendi-Art-IT

Yemi Alade Wendi Art IT

18 Month Plan
My 18 month plan revolves around focusing my efforts on improving on my animation and video marketing skills.

I intend to achieve this by:-
• Re-branding
• Formally registering the animation company
• Getting further training in video production with a focus on animation.
• Creating a strong portfolio for video marketing
• Collaborating with other artists within and outside my cohort

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