Creative Entrepreneurship 2017 Class IX Profiles: Faith Linyonyi

Performing at a Function



Name: Faith Linyonyi
Occupation: Writer
Location: Nairobi/Kajiado
Social media/website links: Linyonyism (Facebook and Twitter)

Creative Lifecycle
Handing in compositions and inshas in primary school was probably the first time I realised my love for writing. I got great feedback from my teachers about my creativity and this encouraged me to pursue writing as a hobby.

In high school, I only wrote on my journal and I probably would not have maintained it if our French teacher had not insisted that we use our journals as practices for the language.

2012, my final year in high school, I started this analog ‘blog’ where I wrote stories of fiction and non-fiction and would hand it to my friends to read. It was mainly a way to cope with the pressure that came with studying for the national exams. Unfortunately by the time I was done with my papers, the book could not be found, may be a fan took it as a souvenir. It made me think of taking writing seriously and I vowed to pursue it farther after school.

As I waited to enroll for university, I got inspired to start my own blog by a cousin who had a mental health blog that had opened doors for her as a mental health ambassador. I posted articles and in 2015, I became a Storymoja Festival blogger and continued to do what I love.

I am currently an assistant coordinator for the 2017 Storymoja Festival blogging program where I assist other writers to improve their craft. I am also working on my own craft by attending masterclasses and workshops.

A culture that appreciates creative writing, visual art and other creative experiences

To continually publish visual art reviews and stories of fiction and non-fiction

Excerpts from Kimani Wakwa

To Kimani,
I am celebrating our one week anniversary since we met in a matatu on our way home at midnight. We were both coming from our different Friday night escapades and fate had brought us together. In the middle of our perfect conversation I told you my name; Wanja. We talked. I was fascinated by how much we had in common. We talked. I wondered how awesome it was to meet such an interesting person in the drunk jav. We talked. I fell in love.

More here


Non-fiction: link

12-18 month plan
-Get published on online literary magazines
-Write visual art reviews and profile visual artists and galleries

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